Month: November 2016

Home Security Surveillance-Free Android App to Use Smart Phone as a CCTV

Have you ever wanted to use your smart phones, tablets or PCs for video surveillance, and monitoring from remote places? Do you want to be alarmed instantly, [...]

Who Unfriended Me-Android App To Find Who Unfriended You

Have you ever wandered who unfriended you? Well, now you can know for sure without even looking up a certain person in the browser, as this app provides you [...]

LastPass Password Manager-Free Android Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager
Every modern-day person has had this problem at one point in their life or another- forgetting a password to an account. Say goodbye to forgetting your [...]

Pocket-Android App To Find Interesting Stories And Links On The Web

Pocket App
Pocket is an app used for saving, sharing, and keeping in touch with all the top news stories from around the world. It allows the user to easily find [...]

Google Handwriting Input-Android Writing Apps For Tablet And Phones

Google Handwriting Input
Google Handwiriting input allows the user to freely write on their phone or tablet in ninety seven different languages. The app then transforms the user’s [...]

Night Camera -Android App To Take High Quality Photos

Camera App
This app allows the user to take wonderfully clear pictures at night. The app has eleven different shooting modes, which give the user many variable options to [...]

Internet Booster & Optimizer-Android App To Boost Internet Speed

Free internet Booster
This app was made to enhance the user’s internet browsing experience by accelerating the connection’s speed. Objectively, internet speed is determined by [...]

Couple Tracker Mobile Monitor-Android App To Spy On Your Friends And Famaly

Couple Tracker
Couple Tracker is self proclaimed to be the best available app for couples. The app utilizes GPS tracking technologies, as well as contact history sharing, [...]

SwiftKey Keyboard-Free Android Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard
SwiftKey Keyboard is a keyboard app unlike any other! Say goodbye to annoying typos and make your typing experience way faster and more efficient. The app even [...]