Carb Manager- Best App to Track Keto Diet

Carb Manager is an app meant to track Keto diet and count Macros. It’s a free and
app and tracks all the Macros and true net carbs, subtracting sugar alcohols and
fibre. The app can be used by those who are brand new to Ketogenic and low carbs diets and just getting started or a seasoned keto pro who is tied of using generic diet apps and calorie counters which don’t fit the way people eat.

Carbs Manager App comes under the category of Health & Fitness in the Google
Play Store. The app requires an android device of 6.0 and up. The app is developed by Wombat Apps LLC. It is last updated on 1 st February 2020. The current version of the app is 6.4.3 and it has got 1,000,000+ installs in the play store. The size of the app is 5.3M. The app can be used by individuals aged 3 and above. The app has been reviewed 52,325 users and it has got 4.7 rating in Google play store. Interactive elements are enabled in the app and the users are able to interact. Digital purchase is also enabled in the app and the in app products can be purchased at the rate ranging from 330 rupees to 2,600 rupees per item.

Carb manger is much more than just a macro calculator or carb tracker. It can be
rightly called a movement, a community and a lifestyle. Carb manager app is one
of the most advanced apps in the industry, making it easy to log each meal in
seconds. Users can even log meals with by taking a picture of what they eat, with
the state of the art image recognition technology. Users will have no trouble
staying in ketosis with the macros calculator and carbohydrate counter, which
automatically tracks the carbs, fat, protein with “over-limits” alerts.

Even more than a carb calculator, Carb manager is a one-step destination for living a healthy low carb high fat (LCHF) lifestyle. Carb manger helps users stay
motivated and aware of their health.

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Key features of the App

  • Easy to use food diary
  • Keto calculator – track net carbs, macros and more
  • Macronutrient calculator – track carbs, fats and proteinsCalorie counter – users can set calorie tracker to set a calorie goal based on their
  • weight loss goals
  • Food diary
  • Water tracker
  • Exercise tracker – log exercise and workouts including cardio and weight training
  • Weight tracker – measure and chart weight loss and BMI
  • Nutrition details – total carbs, net carbs, fat, calories, protein, glycemic load & more