7 Minute Workout-Android  App To Keep You FIt

7 Minute Workout-Android App To Keep You FIt

Android, Health Apps
7 Minute Workout is the perfect app for a person on the go. Quickly and efficiently achieve your ideal look with workouts that last just seven minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to go about your daily routine. Whether you’re busy with work, school or any other obligation, the 7 Minute Workout app doesn’t let you get sloppy on your workout routine, it is a great tool for the busy modern person living the fast life. With that in mind, the creators wanted to create an easy-to-use, efficient app that can be used virtually anywhere as it requires no professional equipment. A perfect app for busybodies who want to keep their exercising regular.The app consists of twelve exercises that last thirty seconds with ten second breaks between each one.…
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