Couple Tracker Mobile Monitor-Android App To Spy On Your Friends And Famaly

Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker is self proclaimed to be the best available app for couples. The app utilizes GPS tracking technologies, as well as contact history sharing, including messages. Keep your partner in check, and vice versa. Some of the uses include monitoring, sharing and exchanging text messages (SMS), phone call histories, history of GPS locations and Facebook likes and comments with partners in real time. As claimed by the creators, the app reduces risk of infidelity.

It also anebles mutual monitoring and overview of daily routines of both partners.Couple Tracker has many amazing features. Like the ability to check who is in your partner’s call history or contact list. Another interesting feature deals with text messages (SMS), as it allows patrners to check and see 30 characters of each text message that the other partner sends or receives (This feature can be extended to 160 characters per message by buying the full version). It also utilizes the location and GPS tracker which saves the partners’ locations in thirty minute intervals. This information sums up to a complete GPS history of the partner’s recent whereabouts.

This feature, like the one deling with text messages, can be expanded by bying the full version, by which the intervals change from thirty minutes, to just fifteen, making for a more detailed GPS history. Real-time sharing is another feature of Couple Tracker. It allows the user to see their partner’s activity on social media as they are using any of such websites!If you’re not sure about your partner’s Facebook activity, there’s the Facebook statistics and overview feature. It grants the user the ability to know who is commenting and liking their partner’s Facebook posts. It even shows you the people who like your partner’s post the most.

Couple Tracker

Couple tracker also keeps everything permanently. If, for example, a message is received, it will be visible on the interface even if it was deleted on another device. This feature doesn’t allow the partners to remove any recorded data, even if they delete the records like messages or calls. They will show up on their partner’s phone no matter what.Mutual monitoring or no monitoring is a really important feature to note. If you thought that this app was some sort of spyware or anything similar, you are wrong. The app requires consent on both sides. If you and your partner trust each other, than that’s not that difficult to begin with. Couple Tracker is using a trust system, giving to your significant other or any other relationship you want monitored a simple offer: that they both see each other’s phone records at the same degree. A principle based on fair-trade and trust.Buying the full version (Couple Tracker Pro- Phone monitor) gets the user multiple features. It shows 50 characters instead of 30 when reading messages. No limit of monitoring records, and no ads.

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The app was created by BytePioneers s.r.o. It is regularly updated. The app has a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store with over eleven thousand five-star reviews out of around twenty thousand total reviews. The number of downloads is somewhere between the one million and five million marks.All in all, Couple Tracker is a useful app which ensures mutual knowledge of daily whereabouts and contact habits between two people. The app requires mutual consent, and is rigorous about saving and sharing information. If you want to feel secure in your partner, and want to have that information on your mobile device, then this is the perfect app for you