Hidden Camera Detector-Android App to find Hidden Camera

The Hidden Camera Detector is a ‘Tools’ category application available on Google Play Store. The app can be downloaded for free. No extra in-app purchases are required either. However, it does contain ads. The developers have rated the app content for age 3+. The Hidden Camera Detector requires a minimum of Android OS 3.2 and up. The current version of the app is v. 9.0 which were launched on 19th March 2017.

The advancement of technology though is a boon, sometimes can also cause some serious problems. Especially when it comes to privacy of people, the modern technology has brought in a lot of security threats.One bothersome and dangerous example of security threats is the presence of a hidden camera. Public washrooms, changing rooms, anywhere you are, there might be a hidden camera eyeing your presence.

That is the reason why you need to be aware of any such potential threats to your security. Hidden Camera Detector is an application which can assist you in identifying the presence of any such hidden camera anywhere you go.The Hidden Camera Detector is developed by Future Apps. Its Android app size is 2.42 MB. Around 3,009 users have given it an average rating of 3.9/5. This app has been downloaded by 500,000 – 1,000,000 users.

Pros of the Application

  • The app concept is very innovative and secure.
  • If you are suspicious of the presence of a hidden camera in places like a changing room, this app can be handy to ensure security.
  • In the presence of a magnetic sensor in the operating device, the app detects hidden cameras very effectively.
  • The app comes with a detailed FAQs section which works as a user guide for the app.
  • In the absence of a magnetic sensor in the device, the users can also use the infrared detector of the app to find a hidden camera. The additional luminescence effect of the app makes it slightly more reliable than the inbuilt camera of the operating device.

Hidden Camera Detector

Cons of the Application

  • For the radiation meter feature to work, this app inevitably requires a magnetic sensor in the operating device.
  • Without the presence of the magnetic sensor, the app only uses the device’s camera to check the presence of infrared rays which might be emerging from the hidden camera. However, this can be done even by the normal camera of your device.
  • Despite the beeping of the app, you cannot be sure of the presence of the camera. Neither can you locate the position of the camera. That has to be done manually.
  • The app sometimes also falsely beeps in the presence of materials like strong metals despite the absence of a camera.
  • Many users have also reported that the app is not detecting the camera even though it is visible to them with their naked eyes.
  • The app can only detect the presence of the camera if the device is held 2-3 inches from the camera.

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This app uses two separate mechanisms to detect the presence of any hidden camera:

  • If your device has a magnetic sensor, the app works on tracing the magnetic activity similar to that of a camera. If the results match, it beeps;
  • In the absence of a magnetic sensor, the app uses the device’s camera to check the presence of a camera using the hidden camera’s infrared rays.

Though the concept of the app is extremely useful, users have faced a lot of issues with the functionality.