Internet Booster & Optimizer-Android App To Boost Internet Speed

This app was made to enhance the user’s internet browsing experience by accelerating the connection’s speed. Objectively, internet speed is determined by the user’s internet service provider, and the app cannot change that, but there are a number of other factors that go into how any device uses the internet speed. The point of this app is to utilize changes that affect these factors, and, by doing that, your internet speed.

Now, a look into the technicalities. The app executes a series of commands and optimizes the user’s settings that make the user’s browser the top of priority of their operating system. By doing this the app makes sure the user gets the most out of their ISP Internet speed and respected device resources for a faster speed. In short, by doing this the app makes sure that the browser is the top priority of the data processes of the device, making it work faster.This is not some sort of magic trick, these commands are actions any user can perform manually one by one without the help of any app, but due to the time it’d take and other reasons it could be considered impractical, and this is the reason this app exists, as said by the creators.

So actually, this app just makes the changes you could do manually, just in a fraction of the time it would take an average person.Whether the device is rooted or not, or if the user has a WiFi or Mobile Data connection, the app performs a series of tasks in order to accelerate internet speed and browser performance. Pausing secondary processes, cleaning RAM memory, cleaning cache memory and flushing DNS are just some of the tasks the app performs. Each task does its own bit to help speed up the user’s internet browsing experience.

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The app executes commands intended to optimize the way the device connects with others through the internet. In most cases this improves the overall speed of usage. MTU size, TTLL hops, buffer size are some of the settings the app optimizes. These are available only for users with rooted devices. The terminology here might seem confusing, but, in all honesty, a user doesn’t even need to know any of these technicalities, just install the app and let it do the rest of the work. It’s like having your personal technician at your fingertips.

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The creators provided some disclaimers for new users which are available on the download page. It is important to read these, as new users may not fully understand the use.The app was created by BoostingTools and has a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store. The number of downloads is somewhere between one and five million. That combined with the positive reviews paints a clear picture of the usefulness of the app. Keep in mind that the app was last updated in 2014. This may just mean that the developers have made all the necessary changes and are happy with the current state of the app.Internet Booster & Optimizer is an app that, as though by magic, speeds up your internet. It uses known methods that any user can do manually, just in much less time. A really simple design and interface which makes sure that virtually anyone can use it. In short, a great and useful app.