MKavach-Comprehensive Security Solution For Android Devices

The app is listed under the ‘Tools’ category on Google Play Store. The application content is rated for age 3+. The latest version of the application is 2.1.4. It received its latest update on February 16, 2017. The application functions with Android OS 4.0 and above. It can be installed for free and does not have any in-app purchases. However, some of the features can only be accessed in the enterprise edition.

Your cell phone is susceptible to a number of threats that can compromise your privacy and/or security. In a day and age when people around the world use mobile wallets and access their bank accounts and/or credit cards, it is paramount to have an application that can protect you from threats such as this.

It also prevents misuse of resources such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera and Mobile Data by preventing other applications on your device from accessing these resources unless they are authorized to use these resources by the user. The application also protects your device from any kind of JavaScript malware.

Another important use of this application is that it allows users to track SIM changes on their device in a scenario where the device is lost or is the subject of theft. It also provides users the option to wipe the data on the phone from a remote location and Factory Reset the lost or stolen device.


The application is developed by C-DAC Hyderabad. The size of the android application is 5.60 MB. The average rating of the app is 4.5/5 based on 1,359 votes. The application has been downloaded and installed between 50,000 – 100,000 times.

Pros of the Application

  • The application provides all in one protection for your android phone, protecting the apps and all the personal information that is stored in your device.
  • The application protects other devices from accessing your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, and mobile data in an unauthorized manner.
  • It allows its users the option to restrict access to applications of their choice. Users can choose to block access to social media applications and mobile wallets.
  • The app also allows users to block Spam messages and calls.
  • One of its most helpful feature is that it can help you locate your device in the event that you misplace it or if it is stolen.
  • Not only does it help you locate your device, it also allows users to wipe off all personal data and Factory Reset the device from a remote location provided it is connected to the internet.

Cons of the Application

  • The application continuously works on the background and hence draws a lot of power from the battery which can sometimes lead to overheating of your device.
  • Some of the features on the application can only be accessed in the paid version or the enterprise edition.


Download  Mkavach App


The application is one of a kind. It performs the functions of at least six apps.

  • It helps you secure all the applications on your device by pressing one button. Navigate to the “app manager” option and press the Lock icon next to the application that you want to secure in order to achieve the desired result.
  • The application also lets you backup your call-log and restore them when you need to do so.
  • The anti-theft feature on this app could be very useful in the event that you misplace your device.
  • The app helps you to block unwanted callers and SMS-es by adding mobile numbers to the blacklist. It also has a whitelist option which you can use to whitelist a number that you have previously blacklisted using this application.
  • The enterprise edition of MKavach protects users against Adware, Malware and other kinds of viruses that are prevalent in phones.

The kind of functionality that this application provides makes this a must have on your Android device.