Purify-Android App To save Battery Life

Purify – Speed & Battery Saver is in the ‘Tools’ section of Google Play Store. The developer has rated the app content applicable to user aged 3+. The app can be obtained for free from the Google Play. There are no in-app purchases; however, the app does contain ads. The app requires Android version 4.0 and up in order to work. The last update for this up was done on 30 November 2017. The current version is v.

Everything today is done on mobiles and with each season new mobiles and devices are released with sky-high prices claiming that the newly launched device has battery RAM and battery life. Not all of us can buy new mobiles each season, so why not make most out of the devices we have? If we optimize our devices then we can greatly increase its battery life and speed.

Purify – Speed & Battery Saver which is offered by General Smart Development Limited purifies and optimizes the user’s phone’s battery life and speed up the device’s battery life. The app acts a deep cleaner for your phone and frequently terminates autostart apps smartly which in return speeds up your phone’s speed and battery life.

Name of the developer/Company/Application Size/Number of Review and rating /Total Downloads

Purify – Speed & Battery Saver is offered by General Smart Development Limited. The app has a size of 7.93 MB. After being reviewed by 300,030 total users, the application got an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. The app has been installed by ten million people since its release.

Pros of the App

  • The app allows you to optimize your battery life in just one click.
  • There is an auto-optimize feature that will automatically detect changes in your mobile’s battery life and adjust it accordingly.
  • The app is simple and easy to use.
  • The app has automatic features so that you do not have to do anything yourself and your battery life will be optimized automatically.

Cons of the App

  • The app contains ads which keep popping up. This gets rather annoying after a while.
  • The app might not optimize your device fully.
  • Sometimes after the app clears your device of unwanted data, after a while it comes back.

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Purify – Speed & Battery Saver is offered by General Smart Development Limited which allows the user to speed up their devices and also save battery. Some of the features of the app include

  • The app has Purify Battery Saver which detects your battery life and adjust the battery settings accordingly.
  • The app allows you to manually switch to Save Mode or to Super Save Mode depending on your battery life and when you want to save most battery.
  • The app has a set of rules which optimizes your battery life by terminating features and apps running in the background which are consuming too much battery life.
  • The app has a feature which allows the users to get all their notifications in batches, making their notification bar look neater and organized.
  • The app removes unwanted bloatware from the users’ devices so that their phones are optimized and have a faster RAM.