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Background Video Recorder – Quick Video Recorder is an application categorized under “Tools” in the Google play store. This application is developed by Kimcy929 and has content applicable to individuals aged 3+. Quick Video Recorder is compatible with android version 6.0 and above and was recently updated on 25 February 2021. The current version of the app is and its size is 7.0Mb. It is available in Google Play and it has in app purchases starts from $4.99 per item which further improves the user experience. This application has been installed more than 10,000,000 times and was reviewed by more than 1, 54,000 users giving it a 4.5 rating in the Google play store.

The ability to capture and edit videos and pictures is a necessity in a smartphone. Many developers of the latest smart phones don’t give much importance to this feature of the device. The ability to tinker with and have complete freedom over your device is what most smart phone users look for when buying a mobile. In this day and age our mobile phones serve as cameras and cam recorders. With the ever increasing penetration of social media and websites like Youtube there is a booming market for content creation. Nowadays it’s necessary to have expensive recording and editing devices to create quality content. This is where Background Video Recorder – Quick Video Recorder comes into play.

Quick Video Recorder is a camera application that causes you to record video by a single click effectively with the choice to enable/Disable camera shutter sounds and camera previews. Video can be recorded and shared easily from the gallery with one click to various social media platforms well. Some unique features of Quick video recorder that sets itself apart from its competitors include:

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  • Volume buttons can be used to start or stop recording and the Power button can be used to start or stop recording
  • Some useful function of the quick video recorder is video recording can be resumed even when the screen is off
  • Easy to use and video can be recorded in one click
  • Supports both front and back cameras for recording
  • Multitasking can be done through this app like record video in the background while playing music from the same phone
  • Application is password protected This ensures all the data is completely encrypted and secured.
  • Quick video recorder also gives a feature of motion detection in the background by the help of this feature high-resolution photos can be captured while recording
  • There is no limit parameter set for video duration

This application also supports night mode “night vision” creates low frame rate videos Camera can be scheduled to record video at specific times

This app also gives the option to edit your videos once the recording is done

The most important feature of this application supports multiple languages like Hindi, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Arabic, and more.