Google Handwriting Input-Android Writing App

Google Handwriting input allows the user to freely write on their phone or tablet in ninety-seven different languages. The app then transforms the user’s handwritten text into regular text. The users can also draw emoticons, and the app will recognize them and find the appropriate one from the available emoticons on the device, how cool is that? The app supports both printed and cursive writing, and there is no need for a stylus when using this amazingly professionally made app from one of the world’s leading app developers- Google Inc.

The app is a really useful addition to your readily available keyboard. You can use it just for fun, or if you just feel better writing in your own handwriting. The latter is even faster than typing in some cases, which is especially true if using the app on a tablet because of the greater available writing area. The feature that is absolutely the most fun, while useful, is the ability to draw emojis.

A hands-down favorite amongst children and childish adults, the feature adds some spontaneity and color to your average, regular texting or typing.On a more serious note, Google Handwriting Input is most helpful when using it for languages that are notoriously hard to type. As the app provides users with the ability to instantly type whatever they want, instead of losing precious time searching and correcting messages or whatever it is the user is typing.

If you as a user have any worries concerning the space of the input area, don’t. Holding the device in landscape mode opens a wider area for longer words and phrases. Apart from that, the app allows partial overlap of the words you write; being able to understand virtually anything you write on the interface. The developers also say that “bad handwriting” is not a bother for the app.
The languages the app uses are also easily selected in the app’s settings. Certain languages may need additional downloading of data for the recognition to work properly. The cloud button is used to differentiate between recognition happening on the device itself (cloud button is in the “off” position) or if it happens through the Google Inc. servers.

The latter option produces more accurate results, although, it requires a network connection to work.To add space between the words, users can tap the space bar (which will have the currently used language on it if the user is using more than one language). The app also tries to predict the input of spaces between words as they are being typed. Switching between Google Handwriting Input and your regular keyboard is achieved through long-pressing the spacebar, or on newer phones, the globe button left of the spacebar.

Download Google Handwriting Here

Google Handwriting Input was made by one of the world’s leading tech development companies- Google Inc. This being said the users can be sure of the level of professionalism that went into making such a wonderful app. The app has a well-deserved rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store with over forty two thousand five-star reviews, showing just how popular this app really is. That combined with the number of downloads falling between the five and ten million marks makes this app the best of the best out of similar ones like it.In conclusion, if you are in need of a great handwriting-to-text app look no further. Google has made sure to provide it’s users with everything they need in that context with this beautifully simple and smart app. It just goes to show just how interactive the technological experience can be when using the right apps.