KSEB BILL CALCULATOR – Calculate KSEB Bills using this app

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KSEB BILL CALCULATOR is an application categorized under “Business” in Google play store. This app is developed by Eldo K Mathew and has content applicable for individuals aged 3+. The app is compatible with android version 4.0 and up and it was last updated on 22 May 2020. The current version of the app is 4.63 and size of the application 7Mb. It is available in Google Play Store and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases. This application has more than 100,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 1,000 users giving it a 4.4 rating in the Google play store.

Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd or KSEB is responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity supply in the state of Kerala. The internet has brought about a number of changes that affect the way we function. In olden times we used to have to go to physically go to places to pay our bills. If these bills weren’t paid on time the services would be cut. Sometimes even fines will be levied. Nowadays we don’t have to move an inch to pay any bill. Most of the bills can be paid online by just visiting the company website and entering your credentials like consumer number or reference number. There bill amount and the split are usually sent to us by emails or text messages which often acts like a reminder. With such level of ease introduced businesses are now making apps to help people who don’t have computers to pay bills online. KSEB bill calculator allows you to accurately calculate your bill and plan your Electricity consumption. The app is extremely small coming in at 7MB so even if you have a very old phone it will work just fine. The easy to use interface is made for people who aren’t very technically profound. Elders will also find that this app is very easy to use. Users of this app will get a very accurate idea of the bill split up and will be able to view all the details regarding their connection and their bill amount.

  • My Account for registered Consumers this will show you all your account information and the bill information
  • Quick Pay facility for payments without registration. In case you don’t want to create an account you can use this to quickly pay your bill with just the consumer number.

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The app allows users to plan for and use their electricity in an efficient manner. This in the long run will allow for a lot of savings when it comes to power consumption. The easy to use interface and ability to get accurate information at any time makes the app extremely useful.