UAE Helper – An App to get Daily News Updates

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UAE Helper is an application categorized under “News & Magazines” in the Google play store. This application is developed by CTS-Tips and has content applicable to individuals aged three and above. It is compatible with Android version 5.0 and above and was last updated on September 05, 2018. The current version of the application is 1.2 and the size of the application is 5.8 MB. The application does contain any ads. It is available in Google Play and does not offer any in-app purchases. This application has more than 500 installs and has been reviewed by more than 20 users giving it a 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store.

Nowadays no one reads the newspaper. At least the newer generation doesn’t. most newspaper companies are filing for bankruptcy or surviving because of the ads they display on the ir websites. Most people are finding the new over the internet. There are many advantages of using the internet over traditional newspapers. One major one being updates are the latest. Most time newspapers will have time delay on the latest news. With the internet you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Introducing UAE Helper app where you can get the latest and breaking news, feature stories, pictures, and videos directly on your mobile phones and tablet devices. You can simply download this app for free and stay connected to get All UAE news in Malayalam language and more.

Some of the main features of the UAE Helper app are:

UAE Breaking News – You can receive all the immediate and breaking news from the UAE directly on your device and stream it without having to lose on any waiting period of not knowing the latest news and updates in UAE.

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Kerala Breaking News – With this app, you can also get the breaking news happening in various parts of Kerala. Staying away from your hometown can lead to missing out on the local news but with this app, it will feel like you are right at home as you get live updates on the events happening back home.

Live News Channels – You can also stream into live news channels through your device to stay current with the news happening in UAE as well as the Malayalam news on various channels and get all the latest news immediately.

Gulf TV Programs – In addition, this app also has the provision of allowing you to be able to tune into Gulf TV programs which allows you to watch all the programs at any point, anywhere and anytime.

Malayalam TV Programs – Apart from all other features and options this app provides, you will also be able to get access to all Malayalam TV Programs which you can see it at your convenience and cherish watching programs in your mother tongue.

Get Notification for Breaking News – With this app, you can also enable the option of getting notifications which will ensure you get the breaking news at that instant without losing time in not knowing the news.