Walnut All Indian Banks Money Manager -Android App To Track Money

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Walnut All Indian Banks Money Manager is listed in the ‘Finance’ category on Google Play Store. The app content is advised for age 3+. It is a free-to-install app. There are no in-app purchases as well. The current version of the application is 6.2.14 which was updated on Oct 22, 2022. It only works on devices with Android OS 4.4 and up.

In the digital age, online money managers have become the go-to for many people. You no longer need to visit the bank frequently to get your passbook updated. Or wait for the monthly credit-card bill to know your dues. Walnut money manager is quite a decent choice for all such tasks. With Walnut Money Manager, you can:

  1. Check your credit card dues with a click.
  2. Transfer money to your friends for free without having to remember IFSC codes or account numbers.
  3. Keep a track of your expenditure and know where your money is being used.
  4. Now you can even find a nearby ATM with cash. You can also choose to find an ATM with specific denominations.
  5. Get notified when your nearby ATM gets activated.


Developer Name/Developer Company/Android App Size/Rating /Number of Downloads

Walnut Money Manager is developed by Thumb Works Pvt. Ltd. The size of the Android application is 8.6 MB. It has received an average rating of 4.3/5 on the basis of 82,401 votes. It has been installed by around 10,000,000+.

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Pros of the Application

  • You can review and pay your credit card dues right from the app.
  • You can split the bill with your friends and pay them right away using the app for free. And that too without having to remember the account number and the IFSC code.
  • The application tracks your SMS to help you keep a tab of your credits and debits.
  • At the same time, it doesn’t access messages from any 10-digit number. Thus, securing your privacy as well.
  • It helps you generate an Expense Report if you export the required data.
  • The app works with 40+ Indian banks and cards.
  • You can keep a tab of all your expenses by filling in the details in the given tabs. You can even add up new categories for tracking their expenditure.
  • The app provides you with information about all the active ATMs nearby.
  • You can even find ATMs having notes of specific denominations.
  • Also, the app notifies you whenever an ATM near you gets activated.

Cons of the Application

  • Issues regarding the reliability of the ATM features have been reported.
  • The app sometimes gives the wrong locations.
  • A few minor bugs have also been reported with the app which doesn’t allow normal functioning.

Though there are a few cons, the app is completely reliable for money transfers and confidentiality. Thus, it is a decent choice for Indian users. The application has a simple yet effective interface. It might take you a day or two to get the complete hang of it. However, after you are completely used to it, it is very simple to use.

  • You can enter all the expenses in the various categories provided. Plus, you can add up some extra categories. The app will show you how you are spending your money.
  • The app has a separate section for paying and receiving money. In this section, you can either transfer money to friends or request it from them with a small message.
  • Roommates or friends can create an expense sheet together. Each of them can post the expenses and the app splits it amongst all the users on the list.

The interesting features and the simple interface of the app make it a sure-shot download.