iPhone Screen Lock-Android App To Get I Phone Like Lock

iPhone Screen Lock iPhone Screen Lock is listed in the ‘Tools’ category on Google Play Store. The content of the app is rated for age 3+. The app can be installed for free. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases as well. It works on any device with Android OS 3.0 and above. The latest version of the application is 2.3. It was launched on 29th November 2016. iOS has a [...]

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Walnut Money Manager -Android App To Track Money

Walnut Money Manager is listed in the ‘Finance’ category on Google Play Store. The app content is advised for age 3+. It is a free-to-install app. There are no in-app [...]

Funa Family Locator -Free Android App To Track Friends And Family

This application is listed in the ‘Lifestyle’ category of apps on the Google Play Store. The content of the application is rated age 3+. The minimum OS requirement to use [...]

Android Device Manager-Free App To Find Android Phone in Silent Mode

The app is listed under the ‘Tools’ category on Google Play Store. The app content is rated for age 3+. The latest version of the application is 1.4.4 which was released [...]

Mobizen Screen Recorder-Free Android App To Record Mobile Screen

Mobizen is an easy to use screen recorder app used for taking videos of your device's screen as you're using it allowing users to make fun, informative videos and tutorials. [...]

Backgound Erases-Android App To Edit Background

Ever wanted to crop your figure from one picture and maybe put it in a different setting? We are proud to offer you an app that does just that-and much more! You can now erase [...]

Smart Voice Recorder-Android App For Long-Time Sound Recording

Smart Voice Recorder
Smart Voice Recorder is an easy to use app that allows it's users to effortlessly record audio from their surroundings. Unlike many other apps of this kind, Smart Voice [...]

MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicles -Android App To Find Vehicle Details

MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicles is an app provided by the Motor Vehicles Department: Government of Kerala (the part of the respected government body of this state) for the [...]

Home Security Surveillance-Free Android App to Use Smart Phone as a CCTV

Have you ever wanted to use your smart phones, tablets or PCs for video surveillance, and monitoring from remote places? Do you want to be alarmed instantly, do the GPS [...]

Who Unfriended Me-Android App To Find Who Unfriended You

Have you ever wandered who unfriended you? Well, now you can know for sure without even looking up a certain person in the browser, as this app provides you eith the names of [...]

LastPass Password Manager-Free Android Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager
Every modern-day person has had this problem at one point in their life or another- forgetting a password to an account. Say goodbye to forgetting your passwords with LastPass [...]