Aadharam – Download your Land Aadharam Online

Aadharam is a document written by an authorized licensee or persons in a stamp paper as per the value of land and registered in registrar office about the transaction made to a property . It can be a will, or a transaction. It includes the area , boundaries and sketch about a particular piece of land. Aadharam is an important document of the land. It is a document that establishes one’s right to land. Once these are lost, you will have to suffer a lot. If the evidence is lost or stolen, it is not possible to take a loan or enter into a contract to sell the land.

Now we can get the duplicate Aadharam through online. Also, each Aadharam will have its own number. All relevant information will be available on the basis of the registration department in connection with the registration of land. Anyone can check all the details of their land base through mobile using the Aadharam number mentioned in the Aadharam.

As the covid situation persists, hassle go to the village office or search for information. So here’s how to collect all the information related to the adharam online. Explains how to use aadharam number to know all the information mentioned in it through mobile / laptop.

A certified copy of the Aadharam is now available online. All you have to do is submit the application online at the Sub-Registrar’s office to get the proof and pay the fee as e-payment. The originals of the documents which were available on Rs 50 stamps are now available online. At present, over 9 lakh people visit the offices every year for a certified copy of the original document. There was also the need to seek the help of intermediaries to apply. But with the advent of online clutter, these problems can be avoided.


Aadharam is scanned and stored as part of the transit is made available online. With this, the practice of buying and keeping copies of the document from the Aadharam writers was stopped. The original source will be scanned and stored. The Sub-Registrar has also been directed not to accept file copies provided by Aadharam writers after switching to digital system. You can apply for a copy from anywhere in the world and download and print it without going to the Sub-Registrar’s office. The technology was developed by the National Informatics Center.