Caller Name Announcer Pro – Caller Name Announcer For Incoming Messages And Calls For Your Android Phone

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Caller Name Announcer Pro is an Android app designed to provide a convenient and hands-free solution for identifying incoming calls. This app has 1CR+ downloads and has a rating of 4.2/5 in the google play store.With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this app offers an efficient and personalized experience for users.

One of the standout features of Caller Name Announcer Pro is its ability to announce the name of the caller. This feature proves to be extremely useful in situations where users cannot look at their phone screen to check who is calling. Whether you’re driving, cooking, or simply unable to reach your phone, the app can audibly announce the name of the caller, allowing you to decide whether to take the call or not without needing to touch your device.

The app provides a customizable experience, allowing users to personalize the announcement settings according to their preferences. Users can choose the language for the announcement, the volume level, and even the pitch of the voice. This level of customization ensures that the app seamlessly integrates into the user’s daily routine, providing an experience that suits their individual needs.

Caller Name Announcer Pro goes beyond simply announcing the caller’s name. It also offers additional features to enhance the calling experience. For instance, users can set the app to announce the caller’s name only when they are wearing headphones, ensuring privacy in public settings. Furthermore, the app can announce the name of the caller during incoming SMS notifications as well, making it a versatile tool for managing all types of incoming communication.


The app also provides a comprehensive call log with detailed information about each call. Users can review the log to see the time and date of the call, as well as the caller’s name and number. This feature proves to be beneficial for users who need to keep track of their calls or maintain a record for business or personal purposes.

Caller Name Announcer Pro is designed with a sleek and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access its various features. The app offers a seamless integration with the Android operating system, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience. It runs in the background, consuming minimal system resources, which means it won’t slow down your device or drain your battery.

The app also supports a wide range of Android devices, ensuring compatibility for users with different smartphones and tablets. It is regularly updated by the developers, ensuring that it stays compatible with the latest Android versions and maintains optimal performance.

In summary, Caller Name Announcer Pro is an Android app that brings convenience and efficiency to the calling experience. With its ability to audibly announce the caller’s name, customizable settings, and additional features, the app provides a hands-free solution for identifying incoming calls. Its comprehensive call log and intuitive interface further enhance the user experience. Whether you’re busy, driving, or simply want to stay connected without looking at your phone, Caller Name Announcer Pro is a reliable companion that ensures you never miss an important call.