Camera2 API Probe – An App for Photography Lovers

Camera2 API Probe is an application categorized under “Photography” in the Google play store. This application is developed by March Media Labs and has content applicable to individuals aged three and above. It is compatible with android version 5.0 and above and was recently updated on Apr 18, 2021. The current version of the application is 0.9.17 and the size of the application is 1.5MB. The application doesn’t contain ads. It is available in Google Play and doesn’t have any additional in-app purchases. This application has more than 1,000,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 1,800 users giving it a 4.4 rating in the Google Play Store.

Hundreds of phones are released every year with an increasing number of functions. The increased pace of development of smartphones has led to a huge number of smartphones for a low cost.  With many mobile brands coming up the decision of which phone to buy is always a difficult one to make. One main feature that all smartphones have is their ability to take pictures. Nowadays every phone comes with at least 2 in build cameras. One for taking front-facing pictures and one for taking selfies. Due to the penetration of social media sites into our lives cameras have also become a very important feature that is considered when buying a smartphone. People are always looking for the best quality cameras when it comes to buying smartphones. The cameras of smartphones have also kept pace with development. Better cameras are being developed and deployed each year. But how do you really tell if you came is the best or not in today’s market?

Camera2 API Probe as the name suggests is a simple-to-use app that probes the hardware of your phone and shows you every detail you want/doesn’t want to know about your camera. This is an excellent way to truly understand the quality of your camera and its capabilities. So now what is Camera2 API? Google earlier introduced the Camera2 API to give camera app developers better access to more advanced controls of the camera, like manual exposure (ISO, shutter speed), focus, RAW capture, etc. While the phone makers themselves are not necessarily fully dependent on Google’s new API, because they can customize their own version of the Android OS, third-party app developers are to a large extent – they can only work with the tools they are given.

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With this app, you can get an in-depth analysis of the way your camera will work when you are taking pictures. It can also answer a lot of questions of camera enthusiasts.  The app will give you details of hardware support level, Exposure, AE lock, Focus mode capabilities, and White balance capabilities. The app will also give you details about your screen size, screen resolution, screen aspect ratio, screen density, status bar height, and navigational bar height. You can even find out the android version build and details that you have on your phone.

You can compare and contrast different cameras like this and make an informed decision.