CamFind- Android Visual Search Engine

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CamFind is a “Tools” categorized app on the Android Play Store. The app is rated for ages 3 and above. The application’s latest version is V. and it was last updated on November 3rd, 2018. The app runs on 4.0 android devices and above. The application is available to download for free.

The app has been developed by CloudSight Inc. The size of the application is 6.9MB. The app has a total of 16,991 votes from users, giving it an average of 4.1/5 rating. Over 1 million Android users have download CamFind so far. CloudSight Inc is a tech company based in Los Angeles whose specialty is in visual cognition and understanding. CloudSight offers the most advanced and one of a kind image recognition solution to its users.


The application allows users to search for anything by using the app´s search engine by simply utilizing a mobile device and taking a picture. The application’s search engine quickly offers users with results such as related similar images, internet search results, price comparison, and online shopping references and more.

Pros of the Application

  • The app offers the users to search for anything just by using their mobile devices and taking a picture, making the search process faster and simpler than typing into your browser.
  • The application shows internet search results.
  • The app presents users with similar and/or related images with what they captured and uploaded to the app´s search engine.
  • The application shows users with price comparisons and online shopping results.
  • Users are able to search and find addresses and/or related places.
  • The app is able to recognize film posters as well as DVDs.
  • Users are able to share the results with other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text.
  • The application has the option to upload and/or save pictures to or from the device’s camera roll.
  • Users can utilize the app’s QR and Barcode Scanner option that the application offers.
  • The application provides a language translator.
  • Users can utilize the search engine by either voice search or text search.
  • The app is ‘VoiceOver’ compatible.

Cons of the Application

  • Some users have complained about the application’s search engine not being able to identify the images that they upload.
  • Users have reported inaccuracy when using the app’s search engine.
  • Users have left complaints about the app providing very generic results when they utilized its search engine.
  • Few users have reported having trouble with uploading or taking pictures with the app, as an ‘error’ warning pops up.

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The application presents its search engine that provides users with the options to upload and/or take a picture for search results. The app is an innovative way for users and companies to quickly and easily identify whatever they took a picture of.

Users are provided with internet search results, as well as related and/or similar images. The app provides users with price comparisons and online shopping results for the product identified in the image.

The app allows its users to upload images and save them to their mobile device’s camera roll, as well as upload pictures or store them from their camera roll. Users are able to search for addresses and/or related places as well. The application recognizes film posters and DVDs as well.

Users are able to share their results and findings with other platforms such as Facebook, Email, Text, and Twitter. Users can use the voice search feature and also the text search feature that is available on the app. A language translator is also a feature in the application. The app provides a QR and Barcode Scanner. The application is also VoiceOver compatible.