CarDekho: Buy/Sell New & Second-Hand Cars, Prices

CarDekho: Buy/Sell New & Second-Hand Cars, Prices is an application categorized under “Auto & Vehicles” in the Google play store. This application is developed by Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd. and has content applicable to Everyone. CarDekho compatibility differs with the android devices at use and above and was recently updated on 23 Dec 2022. The current version and the size of the app vary with the device in use. It is available in Google Play and it has no app purchases making it completely free to use. This application has been installed more than 10,000,000 times and was reviewed by more than 181,000 users giving it a 4.5 rating in the Google play store.

The second market is something that is very prevalent in India. With the amount of goods traded people just don’t feel like throwing away their old cars. Most middle-class Indians prefer to buy a used car over a new one, as the prices are often half, and the performance will be similar to the new car. One major concern for used car buyers is the price point. A lot of research is needed to ascertain the depreciated value of the car, this is where CarDekho comes into play.

CarDekho is a popular application for users to sell or buy used cars. It also enables features to buy new cars. This application has features for you to stay updated on the upcoming cars, popular or latest cars available in India. You can check the on-road prices of the car models you are weighing to purchase. You can also get updates on the discounts and offers on the car models listed. They also have features to get assistance on car loans, car insurance and so on. Apart from new cars, more than 1 lakh used cars are available for sale in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities through this application. They have the CarDekho Gaadi store feature which is available in case you have a used car to sell. You can book an appointment online to inspect your car and get the best resale value on your car in a single visit while also helping the customers with additional features like RC transfer in the same state, loan closure assistance, instant money transfer and more.

To get a basic evaluation before the actual inspection you just have to answer a few questions in the app tool based on the car model, year of purchase and km driven, and it will evaluate the range of price which you will get the best on the car you wish to sell. You can also view information to buy from the authorized used car dealership or individuals across India along with features of assistance on loans. Apart from these, this application also has features like a Car loan EMI calculator and options to choose from the best deals available in the loans offered.

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They also have a portal of experts who review and update information on the cars available or which would be upcoming soon. These industry experts evaluate the cars based on their experiences and upload their reviews online for users to benefit from their expertise to buy or sell new or old cars respectively.