Cryptography- Android App to Learn Encoding

Cryptography – Collection of Ciphers and Hashes is listed under the ‘Tools’ category on Google Play Store. The content of this app is rated 3+ by the developers. The app is available for free but it contains ads and offers in-app purchases. If you are annoyed with the ads then you can always buy the ad-free version as well. It is compatible with devices running Android OS 4.1.0 and above. The latest version of the app is 1.7.1. It was last updated on 13 Dec 2022.

Cryptography – Collection of cyphers and hashes is developed by Nitramite. The size of the Android application is 15 MB. On the basis of reviews from 2,477 users, this application has an average rating of 4.6/5 stars. It has received a lot of praise in the review section regarding the detailed and comprehensive information and broad-spectrum coverage of the app with great utility. Over 100k Android users have download Cryptography.


This App is not only good for those who already know a bit about cryptography but also for the newbies having no previous knowledge of this art.

The application gives access to different kinds of coding tools and explains their popular usage, for example, Atbash cypher, Scytale, Beaufort, Caesar, Polybius Square, Keyword and Autokey cypher.

Other examples include Blowfish cipher, Shacal2, Cast 5, Cast 6, RC2, RC4, RC5, and RC6. It also provides information about various Hashes like Gost, Bcrypt, and PBKDF2 (hashing) with java|php example.

It is a great way to find your way around the world of cypher, encoding, and hashing.

It also has many useful tools like WhatsApp message decipher tool, Anagram solver tool, Password Strength checker tool, Hash Cracker resources and many more.

Pros of the Application

–    It is a great app to learn cryptography and use cryptographic tools/algorithms for real-time messages.

–    Features password generation and anagram-solving tools.

–    With the file encryption feature in the tool section, you can encrypt files of different formats and use the encrypted code for different purposes.

–    Even if you are not going to use all of the features there is a lot to learn. Each Cipher and hash has an explanation so you can gain a lot of practical knowledge about all of them without even using them.

–   Since the developer is updating the app regularly there will be many cool features to come. A great game relevant to cryptography is going to be launched in the future.

Cons of the Application

–    Some users have complained about some spelling mistakes and typos in the app which they find annoying.

–    Although the app has vast information, it does not cover each and every cypher and hash that exist. So users sometimes cannot find what they are looking for and feel disappointed but still, there is a lot of information and utility to the app.

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This is tool is aimed to provide information about different kinds of cyphers, hashing, encoding and learning relevant tools.

It comes with very helpful encodings like Base 32, Base 64, Betamaze, Pigpen Tap Code, American Sign Language and Morse code encoder with sound playback.

It also has some great tools for file encryption, different binary converter tools, an Anagram solver tool, and Normal and Encrypted QR code readers are a few examples of the great tools.

Other examples include Hash Cracker resources and in-build Steganography, encrypt decrypt tool. Among algorithms, it has tools like the Blum Blum Shub generator and the Haversine formula.