Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) -Android App To Use Multiple WhatsApp In One Phone

Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) Android App is designed to make messaging easy on the smartphone. With various messages hitting the phone through different messaging apps, users can get really frustrated in the course of replying to them all. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) Android App is here to help. With this app, users need only tap once or twice for all conversations and contacts from all the messaging apps on the smartphone to be brought together where conversations could be easily monitored. Also, files and pictures could be shared.

Having been tested by more than 50,000 individuals, the stable beta version of the Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) Android App has been released to the app market for android users to enjoy for free. Over 1 million people have installed Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) Android App on their devices. The app also enjoys a good rating on the Google play store with 3.3 out of 5 stars.

What Dias (Unified Messenger Hub) android app used for?

Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) Android App is one of the latest innovations in the communication category of android apps. It brings all contacts and conversations together, where they are better sorted.

The idea behind this app is for users to have a medium where all contacts and data from different messaging apps are stockpiled, monitored, and easily found.

With this app, users can select the messaging apps they wish to have data collected from.  They can also quickly merge conversations by selecting and telling the app to merge them. Users can do this by tapping the merge icon on Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) Android App.

With a minimalist design, the user interface of the app makes it easy to be used by young, expert users of android devices and old novices.

Moreover, the app permits android users to explore as they wish as some plugins are available while others will be found soon in the app community.

Pros and Cons of Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) android app


There are different benefits that android users may get from using Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) android app. Some of them include:

  • Easy monitoring of conversations from different messaging apps.
  • Users who are software developers have the opportunity of developing their own plugins and apply them.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has the ‘talk-back’ feature making it also useful for the visually impaired.
  • The app can be downloaded for free.


Users of the Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) android app have made the following complaints:

  • It may not be flexible for additional inputs by external developers.
  • It has an interface design that does not follow set rules.
  • Some plugins may not be available for free.

Functions of Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) android app

The Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) android app performs the following functions:

  • It rounds up all messages and contacts from different messaging apps.
  • It allows users to share audio messages and photos.
  • It allows users to back up messages and shared files on their android devices.

Download Disa (Unified Messenger Hub)

Additional information        

  • The app is compatible with android devices with a minimum of Android4.0 OS.
  • It has a download size of 32MB.
  • The current version of the app, 0.9.9, was last updated on 12 Jun 2019.
  • The app was developed by Disa Technologies Inc.