Feedly- Android App to Know Daily News

Feedly – Smarter News Reader is listed under the ‘News & Magazines’ category on Google Play Store. The app is rated 3+ by IARC i.e. suitable for all age groups. This app can be downloaded free from the Play Store/App store. This app offers in-app purchases. However, it may also contain ads placed by developers. A device must have Android OS 5.1 and up for this application to function on it. The latest version of the app is 57.0.1 which was updated on May 10, 2022.

Feedly – Smarter News Reader is developed and offered by ‘Feedly Team’. The size of the Android application is 21 MB but varies with the devices. The reviews of 308K users have given it an average rating of 4.1/5 stars. Over 5 million Android users have downloaded Feedly.

Feedly Team launched the Feedly – Smarter News Reader to give exclusive excess to news to billions of people worldwide. The app offers multiple features that include RSS Reader, news, blogs, magazines, publications etc. Users can either log in with Facebook or can create a new user id. This app sends notifications with blogs, magazines, and top stories of the day including sports, political and entertainment industries. Headlines news keeps the user intact the current affairs.

Pros of the Application

  • The app allows users to have unlimited access to the latest news and RSS feeds.
  • The user can keep them up to date with all the platforms like international top stories, policies, politics, Bollywood & Hollywood shakeups, sports etc.
  • The app provides a wide range of content from technology to business, marketing to design, media to publications etc.
  • Feedly – Smarter News Reader saves users time by organizing blogs and articles by categories and also keeps them up to date with the latest feeds. The app is integrated with RSS, so users can add any RSS feed to Feedly and can read it.
  • Feedly provides a better platform to organize your feeds, publications, blogs, and many more.
  • With 40 million feeds, users can find plenty of stuff about their favourite niche or required information within a single app.
  • With the share option in the app, users can share and notify important stories with their friends. Because Feedly is integrated with plenty of famous social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Feedly – Smarter News Reader has a very clean and user-friendly UI that allows users to efficiently read and go through different articles.

Cons of the Application

  • The way too many notifications prompt about many articles makes you irritated and uncomfortable with it sometimes.
  • Some of the users complained about lags in the app during scrolling down the feeds and some bugs/errors that are annoying.

Download the Application From Here


This application is a very simple alternative for those who want to keep themselves updated with current affairs and vast news categories without spending much time. Videos related to recent stories are available for the users. At the first start of the app, the user needs to sign up for personalized usage. The main interface of the app has different categories for the different functions;

  • Feeds
  • Read Later
  • Discover
  • Power Search

Users can toggle into different features depending on what they want. Users can search their favourite blogs and articles by the ‘Discover’ option and find their concerning content in the related category. Users can also change the theme set for a better view. For premium features, the user needs to the premium version.