Google Keep- Android App to Make Notes & Lists

Google Keep is listed under the ‘Productivity’ category on the Google Play Store. The app is rated 3+ by IARC i.e. suitable for all age groups. This app can be downloaded free from the Play Store and doesn’t contain any in-app purchases. However, it may also contain ads placed by developers. Android compatibility varies with different devices. The latest version of the app is which was updated recently on 13 Dec 2022. It was first released on 20th March 2013.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists is developed and offered by Google LLC. The size of the Android application is 11 MB. The reviews of 750K users have given it an average rating of 4.1/5 stars. Over a 100-million Android users have downloaded Google Keep so this App has really become a rock star in the Google Play Store.


Google Keep – Notes and Lists is an app that is focused on personalized usage and commanding notes to streamline daily goals. So, as the name of the app suggests, this app helps with creating notes and lists of tasks, allows users to set reminders for certain notes, and set a timeline for them. The app simply helps to do daily important tasks using notes and lists.

Pros of the Application

  • Google Keep – Notes and Lists allow you to create Notes and Lists of important tasks.
  • Never miss the opportunity – Users can set a timeline for certain notes and set reminders for them to get notified when the time comes.
  • The app also makes a log of the tasks so that the user can check the completed tasks and incomplete tasks.
  • The app also helps to complete tasks by redirecting to websites. Like buying a flight ticket, booking a hotel room, or having dinner for tonight, etc.
  • The app allows users to organize notes and arrange them according to the user’s needs. Users can also pin high-priority notes so that pinned notes are always shown on the top.
  • Users can organize these notes with different colors for accessibility. These notes can also be grouped with different labels indicating the category.
  • The app also suggests pre-created notes that can be searched by relevant topics.
  • Google Keep – Notes and Lists also help to create notes and guide users by taking thoughts and ideas from users.
  • The synchronization feature keeps users updated with all devices.
  • The app is also included in ‘Editor’s Choice’ which makes it a trusted companion. Users can also use wear gear OS as recommended by the developer for optimum and enhanced user experience.

Cons of the Application

  • Some users complained about the UI of the app that it needs to be enhanced and add more features while arranging and organizing the notes.
  • Some users complained about the security and protection of the notes and lists, that the app should provide password protection or fingerprint lock to secure private notes.

Download Application From Here


Google Keep – Notes and Lists allow users to keep notes and lists and set reminders for them to assist in achieving their goals. At the first start of the app, the user needs to sign up so as to enjoy the full features. The main interface shows the Notes. Users can create new notes by drawing, voice search, and new note options. The home tab shows different tools like;

  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Create a new label
  • Archive
  • Trash
  • Settings

Users can create new notes and share them with others using social apps as well. This app makes it easier to organize your daily routine thanks to its simple solutions.