Google Opinion Rewards-Android App To Make Money

Google Opinion Rewards is categorized under the ‘Tools’ on Google Play. The app content is rated valid to users aged 3+ by the app developers. The app is offered for free on Google Play. The app is free and has no in-app purchases. The Android requirement for this app is Android 4.1 and up. The app was last updated on 07-Dec-2022. The latest version of the app is v. 2020080302. The app is an editor’s choice app by Google Play.

We have entered an era where the prices are soaring high and touching the skies whereas our bank balance is sinking low and even though after doing multiple jobs, we have to compromise on our needs. All we need is an easy way to earn money so we can indulge in our worldly needs from time to time. However, by using all of our money to buy clothes and other stuff, we are left with no money to spend on apps. Let’s face it, we have to purchase most of the good apps out there and even If an app is free, it will most probably have in-app purchases for us to enjoy the app fully and make use of all the features.

Google Opinion Reward allows you to earn money while being anywhere around the world. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions from a survey and you will earn up to one dollar in Google Play Store credit.  The app will send you one or more surveys per week.

The application is offered by Google LLC. The app size varies depending on the device where it is being installed. The reviews of 577,211 users have given the app an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. Today, the application is being used by 50,000,000+ users.

Pros of the App

  • With this app, all you have to do is answer surveys and you will earn Google Play Store credit.
  • The questions asked by the app are fun, interesting and fairly simple.
  • It is a fun app to use and the survey questions will not bore you.
  • With this app, you will not even have to answer a lot of questions per survey. There will be only four to five questions per survey.
  • It is a reliable app and you will not get scammed
  • You can earn large amounts of money in the form of Google Play Store credit every month.

Cons of the App

  • After the first couple of weeks, the number of surveys you will get will reduce and after a while, you will end up with one or two surveys per month.
  • You will never know when the next survey will be. Sometimes the wait will be one day and other times it can be a week or two.

Download the App From Here

Google Opinion Reward is a simple app that will allow you to earn money without doing any work. It is a fun app that will ask you interesting questions like, ‘what is your favourite vacation spot?’ or ‘which place would you like to travel next?’ With this feature, you can earn up to thirty to forty dollars per month in Google Play Store credit. It is definitely worth a try and it will not take much space and time either!