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Google Translate Android App could be a perfect replacement for an interpreter. It is one of the most popular apps,under the tool category in android app stores,that users have consulted for translation of different foreign languages.

The Google Translate Android App can function through various means: text, handwritten pattern and picture translation.

Google Inc. is the developer of this app and it can be found at the Google Play store. Currently, it is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 and is downloaded by over 100 million android users.

What is the Google Translate Android App used for?

The developers of this app, Google Inc., intended to make things easy for android users who have the need to understand conversations in foreign languages.

Google Translate Android App can translate more than 100 languages including Afikaans, Amharic, Fillipino, Guraji and Chichewa.Users can type in the app environment or copy a text in another app environment for translation. After such text is copied, the icon of the Google Translate Android App will display for users to tap on for translation.

Moreover, translation of foreign text pictures can be done using the camera mode on Google Translate Android App. To do this, Users will hold their devicesup against the pictures.

It is also possible for android users to translate handwriting or drawn patterns or characters.They can scribble in the app environment for translation in seconds.

In addition, there is room for translation of spoken words with the Google Translate Android App. Android users can make meaning out of conversations with foreigners using the instant two-way speech (audio) translation that is available on it.

Finally, users do not need to keep translating the same text every time. After the first translation, they can save it for future use.

Review of Google Translate Android App


The Google Translate Android App has many advantages that users of the android smartphones may be assisted by. They include:

  • Google Translate Android App can be used for translatingmore than 100 foreign languages – including Chichewa, Esperanto and Frisian.
  • The app can help users can translate over 50 languages without internet connection.
  • Google Translate Android App can be used for translating foreign language on pictures.
  • The app helps users translate handwriting or drawn characters.
  • Users can save translations for easy reference in the future.
  • Android users can copy and translate texts in another app environment. It avoids switching to the Google Translate Android App for translation.
  • The app is not difficult to use.


Some users of Google Translate Android App have noted some malfunction while using the app. The common ones are:

  • When using the app, speech translation may not function properly.
  • Users may experience spelling errors when translating foreign languages with the app.
  • Handwritten characters or drawn patterns may not be recognised by Google Translate Android App.

Functions of Google Translate

  • Google Translate Android App is used for translating texts, speeches, and languages on pictures.
  • The app can save translation for future use.
  • Users can translate texts in another app environment.

Download Google Translate Android App

More Information

  • Google Translate Android was last updated on15 September 2020
  • The app download size and version is not the same with all devices.
  • Users may download the app for free at the Google Play store.