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This is an important app for android users who wish to have fit and well exercised bodies for completing daily activities and good health.Gym Coach Android App can perfectly replace a Personal Trainer when it comes to showing users series of exercises for achieving body type that they want.

For effective work-out, the app features different categories of exercises for different body types. Users may choose bulky or lean body for having any of the two. They can also choose fitness or six pack if that is want they want to achieve after an exercise program.Gym Coach Android App is enjoyed by over 2 million people. Android users may download it for free at Google Play store.

What is Gym Coach Android App used for?

Gym Coach Android App is a personal training app, available for android users who want to take effective instructions on body building and exercise.

There are different exercise programmes that fit the dream body type of users. When selected, the app takes the user through a comprehensive program that will improve the body of the android user over a specific period of time. This improvement can be measured and tracked.

Gym Coach Android App takes users through daily programs that are necessary to achieve the body building goal. For example, the users may be asked to focus on the chest on Monday, shoulder on Tuesday, lats on Wednesday, bicep on Thursday, tricep on Friday, squats on Saturday and Six pack on Sunday. The different positions are represented with explanatory illustrations and pictures.

This personal training app is not limited for use when trying to have a fit body, it could be used for building the body and shaping or toning body parts.

Exercises on Six Pack, Fitness, Lean Body and Bulky Body can be found on the app.

Review ofGym Coach Android App


  • Gym Coach Android App may help users save cost of hiring the services of Personal Trainers for building or exercising the body.
  • The app can be used easily.
  • Gym Coach Android App can be found on popular app stores and available for free.
  • The app contains pictures and illustrations for users to understand the positions to assume during different exercises.


  • Gym Coach Android App does not feature videos for users to understand exercises better.
  • Users may have to consult Professional Trainers before embarking on the exercises prescribed for building the body.
  • Gym Coach Android App contains adverts which may distract users during use.

Functions of Gym Coach Android App

  • The app can be used for exercising the body.
  • Android users may use Gym Coach Android App to build and tone their body.
  • It helps the users build discipline in committing themselves to completing a particular body building or exercise plan.

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More Information

  • PIXOPLAY IT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED developed Gym Coach Android App.
  • The current version of the app is version 15.2.3 which was last updated in July 2016.
  • Gym Coach Android App requires the minimum of Android 2.2 OS to run on an android device.