hi5 – Android App to meet, chat & flirt

hi5 – meet, chat & flirt is an application categorized under “Social” in the Google play store. This application is developed by Ifwe Inc. and has content applicable to individuals aged 3+. It is compatible with android version 4.4 and above and was updated on 20 Dec 2022. The current version of the app is 9.36.0 and the size of the app is 58Mb. It is available in Google Play and has in-app purchases starting from ₹430.00 – ₹17,300.00 per item which further enhances the user experience of the app. This application has more than 10,000,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 144,000 users giving it a 4.2 rating in the Google play store.

The term swipe right for yes and left for no was introduced by dating sites like hi5. With the increased penetration of the internet, people are finding out that they can use this app to get quick dates rather than pursuing a girl for months. This is a perfect concept as we are getting busier with our lives and we honestly don’t have a whole lot of time to seduce and land a partner, The whole ordeal can be mitigated using dating apps.

With society turning more open and accepting every day this is a perfect way to meet new people and hear their stories. We are always improving and enhancing our experience when we are hearing the stories of others. It can always be turned into a learning moment. With dating apps, you can get rid of your shyness completely as you aren’t really facing or talking to someone in real time. So this can also be an amazing tool to hone your game.

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One such amazing app that allows you to date and meets new people is Hi5. With millions of active users chances of finding someone to talk to are extremely high. Hi5 provides you with a beautiful interface and many filters that allow you to search for specific people using parameters. For e.g., if you just want to meet people from your city you can edit the search filter to match this requirement. The basic premise of the app is you will be presented with other users in the area and you are given an option to either like the person or pass. After seeing the profile info you can decide whether you are interested or not. Similarly, the other person also has to like your profile to get a match. This will enable the matched members to message each other.

So this is a very safe way to discreetly look for a partner or meet someone to hang out with. Another neat filter is the ability to set the age limit. If you are looking to meet people your own age or similar you can set the search filter to reflect that. This will show you all the available profiles in that particular age range. In conclusion, in these perilous times, we can’t really go out there and make connections with people. Hi5 provides an excellent alternative where you can meet new and interesting people.