IP Phone Camera – An App to View Camera on PC

IP Phone Camera – View Camera on PC is an application categorized under “Tools” in the Google play store. This application is developed by Deskshare, Inc and has content applicable to individuals aged 3+. It is compatible with android version 4.1 and above and was recently updated on Oct 31, 2022. The current version of the app is 5.0 and the size of the application is 13 Mb. It is available in Google Play and has in-app purchases starting from ₹130.00 – ₹5,100.00 per item. This application has more than 500,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 1,500 users giving it a 3.8 rating in the Google play store.

Have you ever had an old spare phone to throw away? IP Phone Camera – View Camera on PC converts your old camera Phones into security cameras that you can use anywhere with the internet. With IP Phone Cameras users can easily turn their old camera phones into webcams which can be used to secure their houses. IP Phone Camera is extremely easy to use all you need is an old phone and another device that has a browser and internet connection. IP Phone Camera syncs well with other video surveillance software such as Security Monitor Pro and IP Camera Viewer. 

IP Phone Camera is easy to use and has many features

•   Your very own smart camera – This app provides numerous features that most expensive security cameras don’t possess. Some highlight features are live stream, instant intruder alert, night vision, walkie-talkie, and unlimited cloud storage to store, share, and playback your video footage.

•   Stability and reliability- IP Phone Camera never experiences crashes or error messages you can use it to monitor anything without fear.

•    Easy to use- IP Phone Camera is easy to install and set up. You can choose your settings within a beautifully crafted interface and have yourself a home security system within minutes.

Live stream – Want to secure your brand-new apartment? Want to catch that annoying thief that steals your mail and packages? IP Phone Camera has got you covered, you can get uninterrupted live feed from where ever you placed the device with IP Phone Camera installed. The device needs to be charged or charging and must have cellular data or WIFI. You can connect the live feed to your main device and watch crystal-clear video and audio. You can use it on your roommates to find out who’s been stealing the milk.

Instant intruder alert – This is a really great feature and can be used in many different ways. You can use it to record animals in the wild. You can keep your neighborhood safe. You can use it as a vehicle camera and record all events that transpire in your immediate environment.

Flashlight controls- Users can remotely turn on the flashlight of the camera at use. If it gets too dark and you can’t see anything on the screen, users can turn the flashlight of the camera on to get a better picture of the surroundings.

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You are also saving the money and environment by recycling your old hones into CCTV cameras. Discarded mobile phones consist of most of the e-waste. Reusing and not discarding old phones will benefit the environment. With IP Phone Camera being absolutely free it’s almost like a free donation.