Malayalam News Live TV – Choose Your Favorite Channel

Malayalam News Live TV is an Android app that provides users with a convenient and reliable way to stay updated with the latest news and current affairs in the Malayalam language. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the ease of accessing information on the go, this app has become a go-to platform for Malayalam-speaking individuals around the world.This App Has 1L+ Downloads and Has An Overall Rating Of 4.2/5 In The Google Play Store.

One of the key features of the Malayalam News Live TV app is its ability to stream live news channels in the Malayalam language. Users can watch their favorite news channels, such as Asianet News, Manorama News, Mathrubhumi News, and many others, directly on their Android devices. This ensures that users never miss out on important news events and can stay connected to their homeland no matter where they are.

The app offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, allowing users to switch between different news channels with just a few taps. It provides a seamless streaming experience with high-quality video and audio, ensuring that users can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted news-watching experience.

In addition to live news channels, the app also offers a wide range of news content in the form of articles, videos, and photo galleries. Users can access in-depth news coverage, read detailed articles, and watch informative videos on various topics including politics, sports, entertainment, business, technology, and more. This diverse range of content caters to the different interests and preferences of users, making the app a comprehensive source of information.


One of the standout features of the Malayalam News Live TV app is its real-time news updates. Users receive instant notifications whenever there is a breaking news event or a significant development in any field. This feature ensures that users are always up to date with the latest happenings, even if they are not actively using the app at the time.

The app also allows users to customize their news feed based on their preferences. Users can select their favorite news channels, topics, or specific keywords to create a personalized news feed that suits their interests. This customization feature ensures that users receive relevant news content that aligns with their preferences, thereby enhancing their overall user experience.

Furthermore, the Malayalam News Live TV app provides a platform for users to engage in discussions and share their opinions. Users can participate in live polls, comment on articles, and share news stories with their friends and family through various social media platforms. This interactive element of the app promotes community engagement and allows users to have a voice in the news discourse.

Overall, the Malayalam News Live TV Android app is a valuable tool for Malayalam-speaking individuals who want to stay connected with the latest news and current affairs. With its live streaming capabilities, real-time updates, diverse content, and interactive features, the app offers a comprehensive news experience on the go. Whether users are in their homeland or living abroad, this app ensures that they can access reliable news coverage in their native language, fostering a sense of connectivity and cultural identity.