Mobizen Screen Recorder-Free Android App To Record Mobile Screen

Mobizen is an easy-to-use screen recorder app used for taking videos of your device’s screen as you’re using it allowing users to make fun, informative videos and tutorials. The app has many different useful features that are one hundred per cent free.

The screen recorder allows the user to take full HD videos in the best quality available (1080p resolution as well as 12.0 megabytes per second and sixty frames per second). It’s the app’s primary function, and it does it effortlessly and flawlessly while being very user-friendly and easy to use. Apart from the primary use, the app also has many secondary features meant to improve the overall experience and quality of the videos. One of the features is the Facecam. The Facecam feature is primarily used to record the video-maker’s reactions to different things (mostly used by people making gameplay videos) adding another important dimension to the videos produced.

Another amazingly useful feature is the ability to edit the videos with the app itself! This feature allows users to trim and cut videos, isolate images and much, much more. Everything you need is really bunched together into one small package. You can also add background music, and an intro or outro video to the video you shot to give it a more personalized feeling. The Clean Recording mode allows users to record their screen without a watermark, for free! The app doesn’t require the device to be rooted in Android 4.4, meaning that the app is available to be used by literally anyone and everyone.


No need to worry about the length of the videos or the status of your storage as the app saves the videos directly to your SD card. The app was created by a company of the same name (Mobizen) and is regularly updated. The developers have made sure to provide the users with a completely free service that does just what it is meant to, along with many other utilities. Usually, apps of this type are either not free, or leave watermarks, but not Mobizen.It just goes to show just how much the developers care for their community. The developers have even made it possible for users to volunteer to help them with the many languages available.

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If a user sees a mistake or hiccup they are encouraged to report it to the team which can then correct the mistake- a really interactive community.  The community, in return, supports the developers with stellar ratings and numbers of downloads. The app is rated 4.2 on the Google Play Store, which doesn’t sound that high until you see the number of five-star ratings; that number is around four hundred and eighty thousand (480.000), nearly half a million! That combined with the enormous amount of downloads falling between the ten million and fifty million mark just goes to show that having an interactive and friendly relationship with your users really does pay off! Other developers, take note. In conclusion, Mobizen is a really simple to use, a useful and overall friendly app that does what it’s meant to without a fuss and for completely free. With many different features and a built-in video editor, the app has everything a user needs in one place. A really beautifully executed app.