MomentCam-Android App To Make Cartoons And Stickers

MomentCam is classified under ‘Photography’ in Google Play. Its content is rated applicable for users aged 3+. The app is offered for free in Google Play. There are some in-app purchases for some of the features of the app. The Android version requirement for this app varies with the device in use. It was last updated on Jun 30, 2023. The current version of the application depends on the device in use.

Today, we use photos to express our emotions and ideas. People also use their images to represent the condition of where they are. The use of emojis to express feelings has now been adopted worldwide. However, using only these few tools to express your idea is not always effective as not everyone understands what these emojis mean.

With MomentCam, users can now express their feelings and emotions in a humorous way that will interest all the viewers leaving them with a smile. This app allows the user to create customized cartoons. Users can also animate emoticons and even customize their picture backgrounds. The app has a forum where users share what they have created and earn many rewards.

moment cam

This app was made by MomentCam Hong Kong Co., limited. The app has a size of 53.03 MB. The app was rated 4.0 from a review done by 1,241,346 users. The app has had 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 users since its development.

Pros of the Application

  • Users can earn rewards by sharing their creations,
  • With MomentCam, it is possible to customize the background of your creations,
  • Users can express their ideas efficiently by using custom-made animations,
  • The app also includes an impressive feature that helps you to edit your face.
  • The app also has a Caricature feature that allows the users to create their comic.
  • The app has a user-friendly platform that enables all its users to do their creation quickly and efficiently.
  • The developer assures the user of full-time customer support.

Cons of the Application

  • Not all features of the app are free. In-app purchases are required to enjoy the full experience of using the app.
  • This app contains ads that keep disturbing the users while in their operations.
  • The app is usually unresponsive on some devices especially those with a lower Android version.
  • Some features of the app require an internet connection and cannot work while the user is offline.

Download MomentCam


MomentCam is a one-of-a-kind photography tool that can enhance the way you express your emotions on social media while maintaining humour. You can acquire this app by merely downloading it from Google Play, and you can enjoy the full experience, by purchasing the additional items. With MomentCam;

  • You can create customized animations and emoticons,
  • You can manage your background using the simple tools provided,
  • You can also earn rewards by just making and sharing what you make.

These exciting features allow you to enjoy your pictures and share moments on social media.