Morecast – A Weather Forecast, Radar & Widget App

Weather Forecast, Radar & Widget – Morecast is an application categorized under “Weather” in the Google
play store. This application is developed by UBIMET and has content applicable to individuals aged 3+.
Morecast is compatible with android version 4.1 and above and was recently updated on 5 Dec 2022. The
current version of the app is 4.0.27 and its size is 24Mb. It is available in Google Play and it has in-app
purchases ranging from $0.99 – $3.49 per item which further improves the user experience. This application
has been installed more than 5,000,000 times and was reviewed by more than 150,000 users giving it a 4.1
rating in the Google play store.

Modern-era smartphones come with a lot of features that increase their utility. Features like a good camera,
audio, and video player, and web browsers are some of the features that people focus on while purchasing a
smartphone. There are many features that are overlooked when people operate their smartphones. One such
feature that is highly useful but overlooked is the weather prediction and display feature. In most
smartphones, this comes as a default feature that people blindly use without any second thought. The accuracy
of these default inbuilt apps is usually not questioned until something adverse happens because of it.
Forecast is a weather forecast application for android devices that provides users with information pertaining
to the weather forecast, storms, natural calamities, or any other upcoming weather-related event. With More
Cast, users will receive pinpoint location weather as accurately as street level. With live weather radar, users will
be able to receive live weather updates directly on their phone screens. The app will also inform users about
upcoming snows, tornados, or any other fatal weather as before as 60 minutes before for people to get
themselves prepared in advance.

Users can create customizable widgets as per their requirements on their screens with different types of
widgets. Users can visualize different types of weather in the in-built graphical reports that visualize all the
weather updates in 24 hours, 3 day, or even 7-day graphs. Users can also preview live weather webcams from
thousands of global webcams installed at various different locations. Users will also receive a navigation helper
that will guide users in case they are stuck in bad weather conditions and receive turnaround solutions to
escape safely.

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The app also boasts of a Morecasters community in which active members can share their favorite moments
with other members. More cast is a useful Android weather-oriented application with climate radar giving
thorough climate information by joining information from various weather administrations and from the
Morecast Data Centers. Morecast guarantees its users the highest caliber of meteorological information
accessible, so as to caution them of forthcoming calamities, downpours, or heat Morecast additionally includes
a network of ardent clients posting thousands of intriguing climate-related postings consistently. This free
The android application incorporates the typically paid-for highlights, for example, hourly climate estimate, climate
radar, blizzard tracker, route climate, Android Widgets, and webcams.

Users will be able to receive all weather updates in different types like Fahrenheit or Celsius, wind direction in
miles or kilometers, precipitation, humidity cloud coverage, sunshine duration, air pressure report for the next
7 days. With such data, users can plan their trip outside without any worry about weather changes.