mPassport Seva- Android App That Provides Passport-Related Services

The app is listed under the ‘Business’ category on Google Play Store. The app content is rated for ages 3+. The latest version of the application is 2.6. It received its latest update on Nov 19, 2022. The application runs on Android OS 2.3.3 and above. It can be installed for free. The application contains ads.

The application makes life easier for people who want to apply for a new Indian passport or need to renew their existing passports. The passport seva project is currently being executed by the Consular, Passport, and Visa division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The application helps the Ministry provide all kinds of passport-related services to all Indian citizens interested in acquiring a passport or holding a valid Indian passport.

The mPassport Seva application provides all the general information that one requires to know about the different steps involved in obtaining a valid Indian passport. It also lets users track their Passport application status and locate a Passport Seva Kendra near them.

The application is offered by the Consular, Passport, and Visa (CPV) Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The size of the android application is 510 kB. The average rating of the app is 3.9/5 based on 11,113 votes. The application has been downloaded and installed between 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 times.

Pros of the Application

  • The application contains everything that a user will need to know regarding the process of obtaining a valid Indian passport.
  • It helps users locate the nearest Passport Seva Kendra from their location.
  • It lets users track their Passport application status.

Cons of the Application

  • There are very basic navigation bugs within the application.
  • Although the app is designed for people who wish to track their passport application status, on searching for the same, the application only displays the basic status of the application. On hitting upon the ‘see more details’ option on this screen, the application crashes.
  • A number of links on the application continue to remain unresponsive.
  • The application is hardly ever updated.
  • The application continues to crash quite frequently.
  • The app has a very petty user interface that is unbecoming of an application that is extended to the public by a Government.

Download mPassport Seva


  • On launching the application, you will be guided to the service menu that has five options – fee calculator, status tracker, document advisor, appointment availability and contact us.
  • The appointment availability can be seen across different Passport Seva Kendras around your location.
  • Users can track their application status by providing their file number and Date of Birth.
  • The relevant fees for passport application can also be calculated on the app by inputting the Type of Service, Age of Applicant and Required Scheme.
  • A fresh screen has all the General information surrounding Indian Passport application and another screen has the ‘contact us’ info.

The only thing that this application does well is to provide application with respect to the passport application procedure and the various other procedures that are involved in obtaining a valid Indian passport. Until and unless the bugs on this application are fixed, its functionality will remain extremely limited.