MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicles -Android App To Find Vehicle Details

MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicles is an app provided by the Motor Vehicles Department: Government of Kerala (the part of the respected government body of this state) for the people living in this Indian state. The purpose of the app is to keep track of drivers from this area, but the main focus is on the vehicles themselves.

It features the ability to view details of registered vehicles from the Kerala district, as well as diver’s licenses that were issued in the state of Kerala as well as the really useful feature that allows users to keep track of different documents such as applications submitted at various offices of the Motor Vehicles Department for the Kerala district.

The app has an almost too simple interface, giving the users three selectable options by which they can access the app’s simple features. In all honesty, the app’s interface can be used by literally anyone, no matter the age of the user or how technologically savvy they are. The developers probably had this in mind when designing the app itself. Another cute addition to the interface is the fact that it shows motivational and cautionary messages in the form of short sentences, phrases and aphorisms concerning diving such as “Normal speed meets every need” or “Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer” which remind the users to mind their driving and remember to follow the law. After all, the safety aspect of driving is one of the most important aspects of the act itself.

Now, for the actual features:

-The first feature is the “vehicle details” feature presented by the first button from the top down with a red icon of a card on the left-hand side. This feature has two spaces for filling in the details of any given vehicle registered in the state of Kerala. The first space is meant for the registration number of the vehicle, under which is the space for the Chassis number. A chassis number (VIN- vehicle identification number), is a code unique to each vehicle used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. By inputting these two numbers the users have successfully registered the vehicle into the database.

-The second feature is the “license details” feature which allows the users to input their license’s information. The feature is accessed by a similar button like the previous feature, the difference being, of course, the title and the icon which, for this feature, is a minimalistic representation of a license that is predominantly yellow in color. The feature also has two spaces- for the license number and the user’s date of birth.

Download MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicles  App From Here

-The third (and final) feature of this app is the “RTO file status” feature which is marked by a button similar to the previous two, with the aforementioned title and an icon depicting a magnifying glass on a green surface. The only space to be filled here is titled “Application No.” in which the user is supposed to input their information and await the appropriate response from the Motor Vehicles Department of the state of Kerala.

The app was made by the National Informatics Center of Kerala (NIC Kerala). It has between one hundred thousand and five hundred thousand downloads. It has a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store with over eight hundred five-star reviews. The app is not regularly updated, which is normal for an app this simple.In short, a really useful app for any driver in the Kerala district of India which gets to the point fast and with no distractions. It even reminds the users of their safety and the safety of others, now isn’t that just wonderful?