Online Aavedan- Android App to get Employment Informations

The Online Aavedan app is classified as “News and Magazines” on the Google play store. Online Aavedan is a project of Techsoft, an Indian company. It is an online job search platform that enables you to look at different job opportunities all over the country. All type of job opportunity regarding state and Government recruitment and their respective examination information has been merged here.

The application search results are very quick, effective, and user-friendly. It makes the search results available immediately, all this can be done by just clicking a single button. This application lets you browse various disciplines and job locations which can help the potential candidate select the suitable job vacancy. Recently the app was updated on Nov 10, 2021.


This app is developed by Techsoft India. The size of this application is 7.6 MB. To use the app, the Android version must be 4.0 and above. This application is rated as 3+. More than one lac users have installed this application. Currently, it is available in version 27.0.


This online portal provides its users with all the ongoing employment information that is available anywhere in the country. This is a highly credible application that has the potential to attract users. This application is so advanced that it gives all the notifications instantly and timely. It helps the candidate to stay up-to-date and also keep notified about the examination dates. It is uniquely designed and is simple so that anyone can get access to it readily. Basically, its purpose is to foster employment.

Pros of the Application

  • With the advent of this application, job opportunities are being promoted widely.
  • This is an up-to-date job platform that provides users with quality searches.
  • This has greatly benefited the candidates to prepare for their exams and enable them to succeed in their professional life.
  • Also, it provides its users with mock test practice to test their abilities.
  • It keeps updating daily.
  • The app responds quickly.
  • This effectively manages the job search according to the person’s level of qualification and field of interest.

Cons of the application

  • Sometimes the application is quite annoying due to the unnecessary ads that keep on flashing on the screen every once in a while.
  • The application does not provide a closure date according to the application deadline.
  • Language switch is not available so most of the candidates find it hard to do all in the Hindi language.
  • Another kind of bug in this application is that it keeps sending notifications repeatedly.
  • This app is also facing device incompatibility issues.

Download Application From Here


Once the application is installed by the users, they have to complete the registration process to continue using the app. The app contains all the information related to all Government jobs. It is an app that provides all the notifications under one platform. It is available in a free version and can easily be accessed by users from the Google play store. It provides a dynamic feature of the mock test for preparation and lessens the pressure of paying heavy tuition fees. It eliminates the need of checking multiple websites and have saved time for people. It has become immensely popular among youngsters. This has become a replacement for all other search tools. This app is excellent work done by the developers as it solves people’s most pressing problems.