Overdrop – A Weather & Storm Radar App

Overdrop – Hyperlocal Weather & Storm Radar is an application categorized under “Weather” in the Google play store. This application is developed by 39ninety and has content applicable to individuals aged three and above the app is compatible with devices that have android version 5.0 and up and it was last updated on 24-Dec-2022. The current version of the app is 1.6.0 and the size of the app is 25Mb. The application doesn’t contain ads. It is available in Google Play and it has in-app purchases that range from ₹130.00 – ₹1,300.00 per item that further enhance the user experience. This application has more than 500,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 8,000 users giving it a 4.3 rating in the Google Play Store

Modern-era smartphones come with a lot of features that increase their utility. Features like a good camera, audio, and video player, and web browsers are some of the features that people focus on while purchasing a smartphone. There are many features that are overlooked when people operate their smartphones. One such feature that is highly useful but overlooked is the weather prediction and display feature. In most smartphones, this comes as a default feature that people blindly use without any second thought. The accuracy of these default inbuilt apps is usually not questioned until something adverse happens because of it.

Overdrop Weather is a light and powerful weather app that provides you with real-time temperature, air quality, weather forecasts, and accurate time-sharing trends.

Incorporated by leading climate information suppliers – like Dark Sky Weather, AccuWeather, and WeatherBit – Overdrop Weather helps you to stay one stride ahead. Utilize the 96-hour radar map, pick from more than 50 wonderful gadgets, keep steady over the climate with extreme condition alarms, and set one of six appearances – from white to dim or OLED dark.

Overdrop weather includes an array of features while including detailed hyper-local weather data With live climate forecasts from driving suppliers, Overdrop Weather guarantees you never get trapped in any calamity. Whatever may happen, our extensive meteorological forecasts give you accurate climate information, for example, temperature including ‘feels like,’ wind speed, downpour, hail, a day off, UV list, overcast spread, weight, mugginess, and permeability.

You will receive severe weather alerts and stay confident whenever heading outside your house.

A detailed weather index alerts you about dangers like storms; hurricanes and helps you remain safe. Furthermore, Overdrop Weather sends critical cautions and you won’t miss a thing.

Receive a 24-hour weather forecast, and analyze the temperature, wind, and downpour charts to get an update on what climate lies ahead. Data is visualized on timelines and you will be able to spot variations. And with a 7-day climate forecast, plan as long as seven days ahead of time, you can plan your tours or vacations well in advance.

The weather radar allows you to pick from three radar types ie; flat, spherical, and butterfly, and four radar layers ie; temperature, wind, rain and humidity. Data gathered by worldwide radar arrange help pinpoint precipitation like showers, tempests, or snowfall which helps you in providing accurate weather information.

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You can add the home screen widget and receive weather updates right on your home screen. Users also get the option to add fifty standalone widgets.

Also, Overdrop respects the privacy of its user and ensures the location data is not shared anywhere. The app does not require any google sign-in.