PhotoScan by Google Photos -Android App To Scan Photos

PhotoScan by Google Photos is in the ‘Photography’ section of the Google Play Store. The developer has rated the app content applicable to users aged 3+. The app can be obtained for free from Google Play. There are no in-app purchases. The app requires Android version 5.0 and up in order to work. The last update for this up was done in 24-Jul-2023.

Gone are the days when business meetings meant meeting the other person face to face. Thanks to social apps such as Skype and WhatsApp, there is video calling through which both parties can converse even if they are in different countries and even different continents. However, you will need to send them copies of your agreement or some basic paperwork. It takes a lot of time to take perfect pictures with the perfect lighting and edges. How does one do that without taking hours? The answer is simple.

PhotoScan by Google Photos is offered by Google LLC which allows you to scan and save your printed photos using your phone camera only. By using this app you do not have to worry if the edges of the picture are not perfect or if there is a glare from the nearby light on it as the app will fix everything for you.

Google Photos

PhotoScan by Google Photos is offered by Google LLC. The app has a size of 29.54 MB. After being reviewed by 49,056 total users, the application got an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. The app has been installed by five million people since its release.

Pros of the app

  • With this app, you can scan in seconds.
  • The app allows you to automatically back up to any of your online accounts.
  • It is easy and simple to use.
  • It contains no ads and all the features are free.

Cons of the app

  • After editing and scanning, the quality and resolution of the original pic are compromised and there is a visible difference between the scanned copy and the original one.
  • After the new update, the time to save a scanned photo has increased.
  • There is a tacky watermark by Google on all your finished pictures.
  • The app allows you to export pictures one by one which is very time-consuming.

Download Photo Scan By Google From Here


PhotoScan by Google Photos which is owned by Google LLC allows you to scan and edit photos to your liking. Some of the features of the app include:

  • The capture flow is a simple process which takes you through some easy steps
  • The quality is exceptional and doesn’t contain any signs of glare
  • This app detects the edges and comes with a handy auto-crop tool
  • You can either chose a vertical or a horizontal layout for scanning
  • The app can automatically balance the perspective
  • Regardless of the scanning angle, the app itself adjusts the photos and keeps them at the perfect angle during the scanning process