Pocket-Android App To Find Interesting Stories And Links On The Web

Pocket is an app used for saving, sharing, and keeping in touch with all the top news stories from around the world. It allows the user to easily find interesting stories, videos, or links on the Web and save them for later reading or viewing. The app syncs across multiple devices (like the user’s phone, tablet, or computer), so the user can get back to their chosen and saved material anytime they please, even when the user’s offline.

Saving to the Pocket app can be done virtually anywhere on the internet. From the user’s computer, browser, e-mail, or any of the currently most popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. The users can rest assured that they can save any interesting topic that they may find online. The reading experience itself is very pleasant and customizable. The interface is simple, with no distractions to divert the reader’s attention. Users can also change the colour of the background to suit their preferences. All in all, Pocket provides its users with a pleasant, simple, and easy-to-use reading experience, even when they’re offline.

The Pocket app also recommends the user articles that are based on what they follow and read. This feature also goes along with being able to share your favorite articles with the people around you like your friends and family, and of course, your Pocket followers, with just one click. Other features of the Pocket app include unlimited storage, meaning that you can save as many articles, videos, or links as your heart desires to your device and it won’t be a bother; as well as the feature which allows the articles to be meticulously sorted into categories by the very tags that define them, making the overall experience much easier and more efficient. The most prominent feature, however, is the Text-to-Speech feature. It allows the user to listen to their saved articles instead of reading them! This saves users a lot of time and energy, as the users are free to do whatever else they need to be doing while keeping in touch with the media, and not having to stare into their phone screens or whatever device they’re using! A very neat and very useful feature indeed.

The app was created by Read It Later, a company that has earned its Top Developer status with only Pocket to thank. This speaks volumes of the app’s overall quality and the general satisfaction of the community. This fact along with the wonderful statistics showing that the app has a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store, with around one hundred and seventy-eight five-star reviews paints a picture that this app really is all that it says it is, and more! Pocket has been downloaded somewhere between ten million and fifty million times, which are astronomical numbers when dealing with an app of this type. The app is also regularly updated, showing just how dedicated the developers are to their star product.

Download the Pocket App From Here

There is also a Premium version with even more wonderful options to fulfil any need a reader may have. Pocket is also available for iOS devices. In summary, Pocket is an app that has a lot going for it. Its sleek design and flawless functionality give it a great place among others like it. The app has made keeping in touch with the media as simple as can be, and with such a friendly interface and an ever-growing number of users, it looks like Pocket is here to stay.