Screen Stream Mirroring- An App for Socializing

Screen Stream Mirroring is an application categorized under “Tools” in the Google play store. This application is developed by MOBZAPP. and has content applicable to individuals aged 3+. It is compatible with android version 4.1 and above and was recently updated on Nov 6, 2022. The current version of the app is 2.7.1 and the size of the application is 15 Mb. It is available in Google Play and has in-app purchases ranging from ₹120.00 – ₹250.00 per item. This application has more than 10,000,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 218,000 users giving it a 4.2 rating in the Google play store.

Streaming is something that is up and coming in today’s world. With platforms like twitch, Facebook, and YouTube more and more people are taking up streaming as a hobby or a job. People nowadays can stream pretty much everything from playing video games to making a sword from raw materials. Most successful streamers are really good at something in particular and they display their talents through streaming. Streaming can also act as a full-time job. With games like league of legends and dota, there are full-time streamers that make a living off donations that they receive during their live streams. Mobile streaming has also become more and more widely accepted. With games like pubg mobile users can stream their gameplay directly to twitch or Facebook and show off their awesome skills in the game.

Screen Stream Mirroring is an extremely high-quality app that helps you stream your phone’s screen to a number of places. Screen Stream Mirroring is one of the most powerful apps for mirroring and broadcasting your Android screen and audio in real-time. You can share your screen “live” just like a dual screen to any device or pc on the same network through a media player, web browser, Chromecast, and UPnP / DLNA devices. users can make a great presentation for work, education, or gaming. Users can then live stream everything to Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Facebook, Ustream, and any other internet popular streaming servers. This app is extremely good for streaming mobile games as it provides a frictionless experience while streaming.

Some of the great features of the app are:-

  • No root: Prior to Android 5.0 the user needs to run the startup tool from their computer to activate screen mirroring.
  • Mirroring, screen sharing with media players and tools such as VLC, XBMC/KODI, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), and others…
  • Mirroring, screen sharing with web browsers
  • Broadcasting to Twitch, Youtube (Youtube Gaming), Facebook Live, Ustream, and others…
  • Mirroring, screen sharing with UPnP / DLNA devices such as Smart TV, Blu-Ray players, and other compatible devices
  • Google Cast™ Ready (Chromecast)
  • Streaming timer and stop when the lock screen
  • Camera overlay widget while you stream
  • Any number of connections can be made, so multiple people can connect at the same time
  • Many settings to optimize performances

Download App Here

This app is extremely easy to use and set up. Users can have a great streaming experience without facing problems that they might face while using other similar apps.