Showcaller Caller ID &Block-Android Call Tracking Applications

The app has been categorized under the ‘Communication’ category on the Google Play Store. Showcaller is a ‘free-to-install’ app. It comes without any in-app purchases. However, the app does contain ads. The minimum OS requirements for Showcaller are Android 5.0 and up. The app content is rated fit for use by age 3+ by the developers. The latest version of the app, v 1.0 was launched on Aug 16, 2022

One of the most irritating marketing techniques that companies use is telemarketing. Receiving calls again and again from your telecom operator or other companies promoting their brands is really intimidating. Plus, when you receive a call from an unknown number, even if it isn’t a brand promoting itself, you need to know who is calling you.

Showcaller is an app that helps you with both of these things. Some of the best features of the app are:

  1. It identifies the numbers which aren’t on your contact list.
  2. For most of them, it provides you with detailed information about the caller along with their picture so that you can know who is on the other side of the phone.
  3. It allows you to automatically block spam numbers and telemarketers.
  4. It has a large database and thus identifies most of the callers.

The app has been developed by Showcaller studio. Its Android App size is 4.3MB. The ratings of 4,555 people give it an average rating of 4.1/5. Around 10,000+ have downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

Pros of the Application


  1. It recognizes the numbers which aren’t saved on your device. It then automatically looks for it in its database to provide you with the information of the caller.
  2. You can know about the name, picture, State, operator, tags, comments, etc. of the caller. Thus, you get a holistic view of the person calling you.
  3. Its database allows you to automatically block all spam numbers and telemarketers. Thus, you don’t have to go on blocking each one of them separately.
  4. The app even has a smart search option. That is, even if you are not receiving a call from a number, you can manually enter it in the search tab to get information about the owner of the number.
  5. Some of the app’s features even work offline. Information on all the numbers stored in the database can be browsed even without an active internet connection.
  6. If you find a spam number not identified by the app, you can report it as spam as well.
  7. You can add tags or comments on numbers for other users to access it.
  8. It is very small in size. Thus, you get amazing features without having to give up your storage space.

Cons of the Application


  1. The app has a relatively smaller database when compared with similar apps available in the market. Thus, it can’t help you identify quite a few numbers.
  2. The caller information provided by the app isn’t always reliable.
  3. The app has quite a few bugs and glitches.


Download the App From Here 

The function of the Application

This app is mainly divided into three sections – Call History, Dialler, and Blocker.

In the call history tab, you can check the details of all the recent calls. You can even check for the identity of a number you haven’t saved. Another tab is the Dialler. Here you can manually dial a number or even paste it. Finally, the Blocker allows you to block all the identified spam numbers with just one click.