Smart Voice Recorder-Android App For Long-Time Sound Recording

Smart Voice Recorder is an easy-to-use app that allows its users to effortlessly record audio from their surroundings. Unlike many other apps of this kind, Smart Voice Recorder has a special feature that skips relative silence in the recording itself! This feature makes for a seamless recording experience free of unnecessary periods of silence that just take up precious space on the user’s drive. Apart from this, the app also has many other admirable features that set it apart from many others which will be addressed in the next segment.

Apart from the Silence skip feature which was previously mentioned (which can be configured automatically or manually in Beta mode), the app also has features such as the live audio spectrum analyzer or the ability to record audio even as a background process (if the user moves away from the given interface and uses the device for other things) which make this app really stand out. The live audio spectrum feature combined with the ability to pause the recording at any given moment with the button provided on the interface itself makes for a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface which has all the information a user may need. On the interface, there is also a button which starts the recording, on which the time elapsed is shown.

The size of the files that users can record is limited only by the available space on their drive. However, technically, the limit is 2GB, which makes for plenty of time for recordings (around 2300 minutes)! While on the topic, it is important to note that the app automatically saves the recordings to the user’s SD card, and not the device’s memory, although this can be, of course, changed in the app’s settings by going to the “directory” tab. The recordings are easily accessed from the app itself with the provided recording list. Recordings can then be selected and set as a ringtone, message alert, alarm or any other function that an audio file can have on the user’s mobile device. The recordings can also be shared via e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Bluetooth and many other means of transferring data between devices. Users may want to know that these recordings cannot be sent via SMS or MMS messages, which is, realistically, not a bother considering the many other ways they can share their recordings.

smart voice recorder

The app was developed by a company named SmartMob. They emphasize that this app cannot record calls and that it may not work on all handsets and devices, and also that a version for tablets is not yet available at this time. Apart from those precautionary claims, they have created an app which flawlessly records audio and can skip silent periods. The fact that Smart Voice Recorder has between ten million and fifty million downloads shows just how successful the app really is. Also, the fact that the app has a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store with around two hundred and fifty thousand five-star reviews speaks volumes about just how much the community is pleased with the app.

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Overall, Smart Voice Recorder is a lightweight, easy-to-use app that is on top of the world when it comes to recording flawless audio. The ability to selectively remove silent parts from recordings sets it apart from other audio recording apps, and the many other features only ensure the best possible experience when using it, and the minimalistic interface makes it usable by virtually anyone! Truly a well-developed, useful app for any mobile phone user.