SpaceUp Never Uninstall Apps-Android to Compress Apps

Space Up is listed under the ‘Lifestyle’ category on the Google Play Store. The developers have rated the app content fit for use by age 3+. This app can be downloaded for free. It also does not have ‘in-app’ purchases. The minimum OS requirements for this app are Android OS 4.4 and up. The app was last updated on Sep 26, 2021

Over the last two or three decades, smartphones have conquered our lives in a true. They have replaced so many other devices that we used. They have now become the centre of focus for many people from around the world.

Though we enjoy all the time that we spend with our phones, one problem with smartphones becomes quite irritating and intimidating. That is the problem of space! With so much of information coming to us from all parts of the world, it is just fair for our devices to lag due to information overload. But then even we can’t give all the information. This leads to lagging and hanging phones and shorter lives for your expensive devices. Solution? Use Space Up to create some device space without giving up the necessary data.

Never uninstall

Space Up is developed by Stash Co. The size of its Android application on the Google Play Store is 5.60 MB. The reviews of 2,989 users have given it an average rating of 3.5/5 stars. The app has been downloaded around 50,000 – 100,000 times from the Play Store.

Pros of the Application

  • The app allows you to free up a substantial amount of device storage without the need of uninstalling applications.
  • Space Up has a ‘super advanced algorithm’ which helps identify the least used or unused apps on your device.
  • The app compresses the least used or unused apps on your device to smaller versions.
  • An app can be compressed to 90 – 95% of its original size with Space Up.
  • Whenever needed, the compressed apps can be accessed again from the device launcher. Space Up decompresses the applications and allows you to use them.
  • The app helps you have a lot of extra storage space.
  • If your device is lagging or you have a low battery life, this app can help you quite decently.

Cons of the Application

  • Compressed apps take a lot of time to decompress. This can lead to an inconvenient situation.
  • There are a lot of bugs in the app. Many users have reported that they were suddenly unable to access any features of the app.
  • You might also end up losing the app data of the applications that are compressed by Space Up.

Download SpaceUp Never Uninstall Apps From Here


This application has a very practical feature that can be useful for almost all smartphone users. We all struggle with device storage on our phones. But it is also difficult to let go of some apps. This app provides the way out of this problem.

Based on your usage patterns, Space Up identifies the least used applications from your device. However, it does not ask you to uninstall them. It instead compresses them to 90- 95%. The app still remains in your device launcher and can be accessed whenever you want. But when you are not using it, the app compresses it in size so as to free up some space for other data.

The main problem with this app is that though it has a great idea, the application lacks quality and perfection.