Sticky Notes + Widget Memo-Simple Sticky Notes Memo App For Android

The app is listed under the ‘Productivity’ category on Google Play Store. The application content is rated for ages 3+. The latest version of the application is 3.2.5. It received its latest update on Jan 24, 2022. The application functions on devices running Android 4.2 and above. The basic version can be installed for free and does not have any advertisements. However, users have to shell out a bit extra for premium features.

Sticky notes is an extremely useful application that helps users stay up to speed about appointments, work schedules, meetings etc. Long before the application became available for mobile devices on the Android Play Store, Sticky Notes was available as an application on the Windows OS. It can be a useful app for both students and working professionals or for anyone who needs reminding of something at a certain time.

On sticky notes, users can just open a new note and write important pieces of information – whether it is about a class or a project deadline or a meeting or an appointment or a lecture or anything of significance. These notes would be continuously displayed on the user’s home screen or lock screen depending on the setting that they choose. They help to serve as a constant reminder of things that you consider significant enough to remember at a later stage.

sticky notes

The application is developed by SYM coding. The size of the android application is 1.01 MB. The average rating of the app is 3.9/5 based on 20,265 votes. The application has been downloaded and installed  10,000,000 times.

Pros of the Application

  • The application comes with a very simple user interface with nice soothing colours as well as a widget for the home screen.
  • It has been optimized for use across various different screen resolutions.
  • Users can use a resizable memo widget where the text is in a scrollable format.
  • Users can share their memos in the form of text or drawings.
  • The app can be customized with additional themes that can be activated if you upgrade it to access full pen features.
  • Users will not find any advertisements while using this application.
  • It comes equipped with a basic theme, two memo holders, six memo backgrounds, a full-text tool and a limited pen tool.
  • The app does the basic simple things that users are likely to need in an efficient manner in the free version.


  • The widget can consume a lot of battery life and contribute in overheating your device.
  • A lot of the delectable features on this application can only be accessed once you unlock the full pen version.
  • The app still needs some bug fixes. At times, notes can disappear from the home screen. Although they remain saved, once they disappear from the home screen, it is impossible to put existing notes back on the home screen of your device.

Download Sticky Notes + Widget memo


This app packs quite a punch in terms of functionality. It is easily the best application in comparison to its competitors. While the basic version offers the features mentioned in the above section while remaining ad-free, the paid version of the app offers a number of interesting possibilities