Third Eye -Android App To Catch Mobile Snoopers

Third Eye is a ‘Tools’ category application on the Android Play Store. The application is rated for ages 3+. The latest version of the application is 1.1.1. The app received its latest update on Oct 28, 2022. It functions on devices running Android 4.0 or higher and can be downloaded and used free of cost. The application has in-app purchases and contains ads.

A lot of us leave our cell phones unattended at times. Sometimes, we leave it in the hands of our friends and family. Oblivious to our knowledge, it may so happen that some people try to enter out devices by entering the PIN or drawing the pattern.

This app helps device owners catch such people red-handed. As soon as someone enters the wrong PIN or draws the wrong pattern in order to unlock your device, the app uses the device’s front camera to take a photo of the person who attempts to break into the device.

Third eye

The application is developed and offered by Mirage Stacks. The size of the application on Google Play Store is 3.92 MB. The votes of 6,006 total users give it an average rating of 4.2/5. This application has been downloaded between 100,000 – 500,000 times.

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Pros of the Application

  • As elucidated in the “use” section of this review, the application helps users catch people who try to access their devices in an unauthorized manner.
  • It notifies the users on the notification bar about the number of wrong attempts in unlocking the device.
  • Users will be able to know the exact time at which the device has been unlocked the previous time. Using this information, users can easily assess whether the device had been unlocked in an unauthorized manner.
  • The application maintains a detailed photo log of mobile snoopers.
  • It also lets users customize the application to their liking.

Cons of the Application

  • The application does not always work like it is supposed to. Some reviewers have posted that the application does not take a photo every time someone enters the wrong PIN or the wrong pattern.
  • Some of its competitors provide the added function of emailing the photos of the snoopers so that if the device is stolen, the image can be used for law enforcement purposes.
  • It is quite problematic to uninstall the application. For users who do not prefer to hit the uninstall button built into the app itself, it is imperative to turn off the intruder detection feature before the application can be uninstalled.


A lot of the features of the application are not available to free of cost. However, users can buy these features for under a dollar per item. The application clicks a photo using the front camera of your device every time a failed attempt is made to break into your device. Once users unlock their device with the correct PIN or pattern, the app shows the users notifications about the failed attempts in unlocking the device. On clicking the app notification, users can see the photos of the people who tried to wrongfully access the device. It also helps users check the last time that they unlocked the lock screen on their device.