Timer Lock-Android App To Increase Privacy

Timer Lock is categorized under ‘Personalization’ on Google Play. The app content is rated as useful to users aged 3+. The app is offered for free on Google Play. The app does not feature in-app purchases for any of its content. The Android requirement for this app is 3.0 or higher. The app was last updated on Oct 23, 2021, to the latest version v.1.5.

Invasion of privacy is a crime that many people are tempted to commit. Someone will take your phone and start searching through your documents thereby accessing some of your private data. Invasion of privacy may end the friendship as it is considered a lack of respect. This is why it is essential to know how to hide your private things.

Timer lock is an app designed to help you simply improve your privacy. This app can be used to hide some of your pictures and videos from your gallery. It operates as a timer and locks the hidden pictures and videos until the time is set to open them. Its simplicity enables it to be invisible. Its primary use is to secure the gallery and the content in it. The app also can be used to identify intruders who were trying to access private documents through the selfie taken automatically by the app.


Quick photo editing Apps offer the application. The app size has a size of 5.58 MB. The reviews of 2,731 users have given the app an average rating of 4.3/5. Today, the application is being used by 100,00 – 500,000 users.

Pros of the Application

  • The app can be used to lock the gallery.
  • The app offers better security through fingerprint recognition, and only the user can unlock the locked files.
  • With the app, users can manage their gallery correctly through features such as renaming, deleting, and others.
  • The app also can be used to lock apps with the App Lock feature.
  • The app also can be used to identify intruders by taking their selfies immediately after they enter the wrong PIN or password.
  • With the app, the user can take pictures and videos and lock them without switching to the camera.

Cons of the Application.

  • The app features ads that keep disturbing users when they are online.
  • The fingerprint feature sometime misbehaves and allows access to intruders.

Download the Time Lock App From Here


This app is very friendly to the user and offers security that is invisible to intruders. The intruders will only see a clock and not realize that your private photos, videos, and documents are hidden behind the app. With the app, users can:

  • Hide pictures and videos,
  • Hide apps using the app locker feature,
  • Identify the intruders through the selfie taken by the app.

This app can do much more as seen from its pros. You can try it.