Unseen Messenger – Android App to Recover & View Deleted Messages

Unseen Messenger | Recover & View Deleted Messages is an application categorized under “Social” in the Google play store. This application is developed by USM Dev and has content applicable to individuals aged 3+. It is compatible with android version 4.4 and above and was updated on 19 Apr 2023. The current version of the app is 1.9.4 and the size of the app is 5.1Mb. It is available in Google Play and has in-app purchases starting from ₹299.00 per item which enhances the user experience of the app. This application has more than 1,000,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 2,000 users giving it a 3.3 rating in the Google play store.

With the emergence of the computer in the 21st century, the methods of official communication has changed drastically. Emails have completely replaced letters and have become an inevitable part of life for the working class.  Nowadays children also have email ids that they use for their personal use like chatting with friends. It’s truly a remarkable innovation that has completely changed the way people communicate. With the enhancement in communication methods many messengers like WhatsApp, and telegram have dominated the Indian market. One annoying feature of this app is the fact that you have to sacrifice your privacy a bit whenever you are opening and reading a message.

The fact that you are reading a message will alert the sender that you are acknowledging the message or have seen it. Sometimes you don’t want this to happen, when it comes to stalkers or exes you typically don’t want them to know when you are online. This is where Unseen Messenger shines. You can now read the messages you received and your friends can not know when you opened and read the message.

Users can sync this app with their messengers. By opening messages in this app you will not have to worry about appearing online or even having read the message. You will not have to worry about Last Seen and Blue Ticks. If you want to find a message and you are not sure from whom and on which app you received the messages, then search it in Unseen Messenger almost instantly. Find the deals and offers from shopping apps in case if you missed them. It stores messages from any app you selected and you can read the deleted messages as well.

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Users can get a higher level of freedom when all their messages are saved in one place, and they have complete privacy to go over them in their own time. With the amazing user interface and tons of features once you use the app it’s difficult to go back to the old messengers. Additionally, the privacy it offers is unrivalled. Another annoying thing that this app helps you with is the fact that you can now see the messages that users have deleted.  Overall this is a fun little app to have to address a lot of issues that are common in most messengers.