VideoMaster-Android App for Boosting Video Volume & Audio Enhancing

VideoMaster is an application categorized under “Video Players & Editors” in the Google play store. This application is developed by Future Moments and has content applicable to Everyone. VideoMaster is compatible with android version 5.0 and above and was recently updated on 18 Oct 2022. The current version of the app is 1.2.6 and the size of the app Is 55M. It is available in Google Play and it has in-app purchases starting from $1.99 – $3.99 per item which further enhances the user experience of the app. This application has been installed more than 500,000 times and was reviewed by more than 3,600 users giving it a 3.2 rating in the Google play store.

Instant Audio Post-Production for Videos is a much-awaited app for video editors. It helps to improve the sound of your video and make your videos look in the best way they can be. You only get one chance at a first impression, make it great! The main highlight of VideoMaster is it has a video volume booster, 6-band audio equalizer (eq) and many audios presets to mainly enhance the sound of your video.

Video Master provides instant audio posts with the production of videos. It is featured as a Volume booster and Audio Enhancer application. It includes a professional video production tool and a facility to adjust the sound of the video. Additionally, it also has features to import a video, and even has a volume booster, and a 6-band equalizer. It is designed in a way to ensure no video quality is lost. You can extract just the audio from a video or export it in its original size. This app is 100% free and safe to download. The Salient features of the app are as follows:

Video master does not overwrite the original File, instead enables you to save the file separately. You can either keep it separately or even compress for sharing.

It has a function compare the sound with the original video. You can also press hold the EQ module to bypass it.

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Volume Normalizing feature of the video is automatic in this app with an adjustable 6-Band Equalizer.

You can adjust the volume frequency, Gain and Q.

It has much audio presets to enhance the quality of the sound in the video.

The audio presets include Vlogs, Narrative, Podcasts, Rock, Folk, Blues, Classical, Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Latin and so on

The common uses for this app are for creating Wedding or Birthday videos, Social Media Marketing videos, Podcast Videos, Business Videos, Sports and Fitness Videos, Training videos, Travel and Event videos, Video ads, Gaming videos etc. This can be a boon for those who are active in filmmaking, video makers, videographers, mobile filmmakers, travel blogging, voiceover specialists, podcasters, YouTubers, Vloggers Instagrammers etc. The app also has customer support which can be reached through the sidebar menu.