Walli- Android App for HD & 4K Wallpapers

Walli is a ‘Personalization’ category app available on the Android Play Store. It is rated for ages 3 and above. The app’s latest version is 2.7.2 and it has been last updated on 13 Jul 2022. The application runs on Android devices running version 5.0 and above. The app can be installed for free and users can purchase in-app products.

The app has been developed and managed by Shanga. The size of the application is 17MB. The app has a total of 609,764 votes from users, giving it an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. Over 10 Million users have downloaded Walli-4K.


The app provides users with various different unique wallpaper designs as well as a platform that showcases the artists that design each wallpaper. The application gives users the option to have their mobile device’s wallpapers change automatically by using the app’s latest feature called ‘Automatic Wallpaper Changer’. This feature shuffles the images at the preferred frequency selected by the users.

Pros of the Application

  • The app provides users with the option to select their favorite wallpaper images and shuffle them at the desired frequency.
  • The application offers its users a selected high-quality collection of unique and creative wallpapers, created by artists for mobile devices and tablets as well.
  • The app has gathered a community of artists worldwide, who are selected one by one by the Walli team.
  • Users are able to discover, on the platform, new artists, browse through their artwork, and select the wallpapers of their liking.
  • The application rewards its selected artists for providing the Walli team and users with their unique artwork, by sharing the profit with the artists.
  • The app presents three main sections, making it easier for its users to utilize them.
  • The application has a ‘Recommended’ wallpaper feature which gives users recommendations from the Walli team.
  • The app has a ‘popular’ feature that lets users browse through the most popular current wallpapers on the platform.
  • Users can check out the newest wallpapers by utilizing the ‘recent’ feature.
  • The application offers categories such as ‘Animals’, ’Space’, ’Nature’, ‘Quotes’, etc.
  • The app lets users like wallpapers on their profile so that they can find them later on.
  • Users can set new wallpapers without having to leave the application, by simply tapping the image and selecting the ‘Set as Wallpaper option.
  • The app offers various themes such as ‘Vintage’, ’Love’, ’Sad’, ’Cute’, etc.
  • The application offers users multiple-sized wallpapers available for download.
  • Walli indicates which resolution fits your device best, before downloading the wallpaper.
  • The app allows users to be able to find out more about each artist on the platform by having each wallpaper linked to the respective artist’s profile page, and by showing their direct links to their websites and other social media apps and bio.

Cons of the Application

  • Multiple users have left complaints about the number of ads that pop up on their devices.
  • Various users have reported the ‘playlist’ feature is not working properly.
  • Some users have complained about the app functioning too slowly and crashing as well.
  • A few users have reported having lost all of their selected wallpapers.
  • Users have left complaints about the limited amount of free wallpapers.
  • Several users have complained about the repetitiveness of the wallpapers available on the platform.

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Walli provides its users with hundreds of unique, fun, and high-quality wallpapers that can be found on the app’s platform. The app provides users with wallpapers that are designed by artists who have been selected, one by one, by Walli’s team. The application links each artist to their respective designs, giving users the option to browse through more of their artworks and to find more info about their favorite artists present on the platform.