Share Karo: Transfer, Share

Share Karo: Transfer, Share it is an application categorized under “Productivity” in the Google play store. This application is developed by ShareKaro Team and has content applicable to individuals aged 3+. Share Karo is compatible with android version 4.1 and above and was recently updated on Dec 23, 2022. The current version of the app is and its size is 13Mb. It is available in Google Play and it has no in-app purchases making it completely free to use. This application has been installed more than 10,000,000 times and was reviewed by more than 58,000 users giving it a 4.1 rating in the Google play store.

One of the most key aspects of a smartphone is its storage ability. With newer phones boasting storage sized of 124 and 256 GB the amount of data stored in smartphones is ever increasing. Without properly managing the data through backs ups and clean-ups a smartphone can soon become unresponsive and slow. Sharing and keeping it in other devices is one way space can be saved to maintain the health and space of the smartphone.

Transfer of data between devices is something that is a major feature that has existed for a long time in mobile phones. Things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-direct are some of the pre-existing features that are available in smartphones. These features are often unreliable and slow. Users also have to compromise on the size when it comes to transferring data from one device to another while using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct. This is pretty unacceptable since nowadays almost all of the major apps and videos are more than a GB size. Another issue is that most of the file-sharing apps in the market are heavily monetized. There will be hundreds of pop-ups for an ad on every click and it can get extremely frustrating to operate

Share Karo is one such app the gives it user complete utilization freedom when it comes to sharing or transferring files. Some of the major features that the app boasts are:
File transfer without size limit- transfer limit is unlimited this means you can transfer entire series worth content from one device to another with relative ease and high speeds. To give you a better idea you can transfer all of the season of Friends in one sitting. Share files without internet- You do not need to have a working internet connect for the app to function. You could be high up in the mountains with no bars and you could still share files with ease.
Strong file management- Easy to use and convenient file management makes the app pleasant to use and manage. You can segregate between files by type easily and manage the volume of transfers.

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Transfer all types of files- you can literally transfer any and all types of files. Even if it doesn’t work or open on your phone, you can still transfer it.
Share it without login – you do not need to create or log into any sort of account in order to use the app.
High speed transfers- Experience high transfer speeds that get your transfers done much quicker than in other apps.